How to Find Lugia in New Pokemon Snap

We will be showing you how to find Lugia in Pokemon Snap and capture a glimpse of the glorious Guardian of the Seas in this guide.

As the only Legendary Pokémon to be featured in the Official New Pokémon Snap trailer, many players will be interested in finding Lugia. The game gives no hints as to how to find one so, we’ll be showing you how to find Lugia in New Pokemon Snap in this guide.

How to Find Lugia in New Pokemon Snap

You can find the Lugia in the Lental Undersea. With that being said, the chance of you just randomly happening on the Pokémon is quite slim, there are certain steps to be able to help you in finding Lugia, as mentioned below.

Lugia in Pokemon Snap can be found in the Lental Undersea. However, the chances of you stumbling upon the giant bird are relatively slim. Fortunately, we have a few steps to help you answer the age-long question, ‘Where to find Lugia?’.

First things first, get your Lental Undersea map to the 2nd rank or further. After the starting area, with Pelipper, Luvdisc, Corsola, Finneon, and Alolmalola (Rank 3 only). You’ll turn a corner, and the only open route will be through the seaweed. Instead, toss an Illumina orb at Clawitzer, so it destroys the boulder on your left. This unlocks a secret route for you to go through.

Keep moving through and ignore anything happening around you until you spot Lanturn. After you have found it, throw an Illumina orb at it. It will swim up and then speed back downwards, causing the Sharpedo to chase it.

Continue, and you’ll see loads of Pokemon swimming upwards because Waillord will be below them. Wait for it to pass, and you’ll see that Lantern is in trouble; caught between two Frillish. Throw another Illumina to free it.

Enter the next area along with Lumineon, Clamperl, and Starmie. Lanturn will be waiting for you, and as an expression of gratitude, the Lanturn will show you another hidden path to the right of the cavern. Although it was too dark to travel through before. Lanturn will have lit it up now, making it easier to navigate through.

Cross through the tunnel to reach another cavern, and lo and behold, the Lugia is asleep on the right. To wake it up, hit both the Crystablooms, on its right and above its head on the left side of the back wall.

If you want a glimpse of this Pokémon again, then, unfortunately, you have to go through all of these steps again. Locating Lugia in Pokemon Snap will be impossible without Lanturn however.

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