New Pokemon Snap All Legendary Pokemon Locations Guide

Our Legendary Pokemon Locations Guide will take you through the locations of all the legendary Pokemons currently available in the brand-new Pokemon Snap.

Our New Pokemon Snap All Legendary Pokemon Locations Guide will take you through the locations of all the legendary Pokemon currently available in the brand-new New Pokemon Snap game for Nintendo Switch.

New Pokemon Snap All Legendary Pokemon Locations

Apart from the normal Pokemon that are in abundance, New Pokemon Snap offers you the chance to catch a glimpse of several Legendary Pokemons and photograph them. Below, we’ve outlined the location of each of these Legendary Pokemons. So, let’s begin!

Celebi is a Grass and Psychic type Pokemon with the ability to heal wounds and traveling through time. You’ll come across this Pokemon in the Elsewhere Forest level. Make your way to the Elsewhere Forest through the default pathway. In the last area of the forest, Celebi will fly by, allowing you to take a snap. If you’re having a hard time finding Celebi, try using Fluffruit to attract it.

Also known as the Guardian of the Seas, Lugia is a Psychic and Flying type Pokemon which is much harder to find than Celebi. You can find it on the Lental Seafloor, given that you make a left from the standard path. On your way, you’ll come across a Lanturn. Throw an Illumina Orb on it to swim it down, and when a pair of Frillish gets ahold of it, free it by shooting out another Illumina Orb.

Resultantly, this Lanturn will unveil a new path following which you’ll be able to get a photo-op of Lugia.

Also known as the Guardian of the Skies, Ho-Oh is a Fire and Flying type Pokemon. Ho-Oh is the counterpart of Lugia, and together, they become the legendary Tower Duo. You can encounter Ho-Oh at multiple random locations in the Fireflow Volcano level. To trigger the appearance of this legendary Pokemon, go through this level at least twice with the camera directed towards the sky.

Suicune is a Water-type Pokemon. Here’s you can find it.

First off, head to Shiver Snowfields and start taking photos of Sandslash. Keep taking the photos until it digs a hole and reveals a new route for you to follow. Once the new path has been opened up, return to Shiver Snowfield at night with several Pokemons alongside. Descend the Sandlash’s path and throw an Illumina Orb on Crabominable.

As a result, a pile of snow will fall on Abomasnow, causing it to become angry and hence, attracting the nearby Froslass. Take its picture, and another new area will open up. Throw an Illumina Orb on Jinx in the new area to attract Suicune and take its snap.

Mew is a psychic-type Pokemon with the ability to acquire mastery in literally any move. You can find it in the nighttime stage of the Founja Jungle. As soon as the stage begins, take down the two Morelull directly behind the NEO-ONE. Next, play a song with the Melody Player, and it will cause a pink orb to begin revolving around the area. Hit this orb with a Fluffruit to cause Mew to appear.

Also called the Gratitude Pokemon, Shaymin Grass-type Pokemon with an ability to transform from its landform (resembles a hedgehog) to a sky form (resembles a dog with large ears). You’ll find this Pokemon during the first stage, Florio Nature Park. At the end of this stage, you’ll see two Crystablooms in the flower field. Throw an Illumina Orb towards them to attract Shaymin for a quick photo.

Diancie is a Rock and Fairy type Pokemon that can evolve into Mega Diancie/the Royal Pink Princess. It is also known as the Jewel Pokemon. You’ll find Diancie in the Outway Cave level. At the end of this level, follow the alternate route towards the room with a Mawile and two Carbinks. Hit all three of them with Illumina Orbs to prompt Diancie’s appearance and the opening of yet another alternate route.

Manaphy is a Water-type Pokemon with a unique ability to procreate. To find this Pokemon, you’ll need to complete the game and get access to the nighttime variant of the Reef stage. At the end of this stage, follow the alternate path towards the Lapras and throw an Illumina Orb at each of them. This will cause them to sing, thereby drawing out Manaphy for a photo opportunity.

Jirachi is a combination of Steel and Psychic type Pokemon that wakes for seven days every thousand years. When awake, it has the ability to grant wishes. You can find it in the Ruins of Remembrance. Though we’re not sure, it seems that there’re only two opportunities in the game for you to take a glimpse of Jirachi. The first opportunity comes once you’ve finished the game. It’ll be in a tree surrounded by Eldegoss at the onset of the stage.

On the other hand, the second opportunity is presented in the cave at the end of the stage. Throw Illumina Orbs at the statues to cause Jirachi to appear.

You will encounter Xerneas in the final level of New Pokemon Snap once you’ve completed the game. It is the star of the last stage, so once you finish off the game, you’ll be able to capture its photograph. You’ll find Xerneas in the Illumina Spot, in the Ruins of Remembrance.