Lost Planet 3 Weapons and Upgrades Guide – How To Get

Lost Planet 3
As you progress through Lost Planet 3, you will find that Jim Peyton manages to collect a wide array of weaponry and also manages to acquire a number of useful upgrades for his tools.

You get many of these as part of the main missions, but a large number can only be unlocked through completion of Optional missions.

You can also buy a lot of weapons from merchants for a price. So if you have the moolah and are unwilling to be adventurous you can go check out the markets to see if any shopkeeper is selling the gun you’re looking for.

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Lost Planet 3 Weapons and Upgrades

Hunting Knife
The hunting knife is a very basic tool that is mostly only used in grappling quick-time event in the case you event get grabbed by an Akrid. You buy this weapon from Birdie diring Retrieve the Rig.

Nevec Pistol
The Nevec Pistol is your basic medium range weapon that is usually the one that is your last resort.

While it’s got decent damage and stopping power, the reason I say it is your last resort is because it has unlimited ammunition. So when you find yourself in one of those engagements where all of the ammo counters on all of your weapons have steadily trickled down to zero, the Pistol will be your best friend.

It can be used with some specialty ammunition to DNA-tag akrid and can be upgraded with a Large Caliber Barrel.

A nine-shot pump action weapon, the shotgun has nice damage and stopping power, but only at short range. It’s a decent choice against agile enemies due to the spread but has a slow reload speed.

You can get it from the Nevec Armory and its stock can be upgraded to reduce recoil and increase accuracy.
It has one specialty ammunition that allows its pellets to bounce off hard surfaces, allowing you to pull off some trick shots to hit enemies behind cover.

Assault Rifle
You find this gun during the Find the Observation Pod mission. It’s pretty much the standard as far as automatic weapons go on E.D.N III. Its magazine size of 20 can be upgraded to hold 50 bullets instead, and its specialty ammunition makes it fire flaming bolts.

The weapon is quite reliable, and one should look to using it when facing numerous opponents.

Prototype Pulse Rifle
This non-upgradable number is an automatic tactical rifle similar to the assault version. It has good stats and a clip that holds 24 rounds. You can find ways to obtain it in the Power Plant and Security Installation.

It’s best used wen aiming down the sight and is good at both short and medium-long ranges.

The Valkyrie is a crossbow that shoots three explosive bolts in a triangular formation. It has very good damage but a very slow rate of fire so you should use it when you’re facing a powerful Akrid one-on-one.

You get the weapon during the Find the Rig mission.

It can be upgraded to fire additional bolts one after another, giving it a much faster rate of fire. The specialty ammunition lets the bolts get stuck in surfaces and act as proximity mines, detonating when enemies are near.

Pneumatic Injector Gun (P.I.G)
This weapon has the highest rate of fire and biggest ammunition capacity of all the weapons in the game. Its basically a rivet gun on steroids and can fillet targets with high velocity metal rivets in a matter of seconds.

However, keep in mind that it is a short range weapon but can be upgraded to increase it’s accuracy and reduce recoil. The specialty ammo allows the bullets to correct their trajectories themselves while in flight. You can find the P.I.G at the Forgotten Wares.

Hunting Rifle
You can find the Hunting Rifle at the Quartermasters after you’ve completed the Find the Observation Pod mission. It’s a single shot, high damage, bolt action sniper rifle.

It’s a great weapon to have on hand when out in the open, though a bit useless indoors or against highly mobile enemies.

You can get the upgrade to increase the zoom to 8x for extremely accurate devastation and if you use the specialty ammunition you’ll do extreme damage to small Akrid and cores. However, it will not pierce armor.

Grenade Launcher
You get this rather powerful weapon at the Forgotten Wares during the Hunt Down King Crab mission. It’s basically the most damaging weapon in your arsenal and fires grenades that bounce around and blow up.

You can upgrade the grenade launcher with a range finder for maximum precision and accuracy. It’s specialty ammunition consists of Biotox Rounds that release a cloud of poisonous gas that infect and harm anyone in them.

You find this weapon in the Security installation by using the magnetic Grappling Hook. It has a pretty long range and fires powerful kinetic energy blasts. There are no upgrades or specialty ammunition for this weapon.

You can hold the fire button for more powerful blasts.

Frag Grenades
You get this added to your loadout during the Rescue Laroche Mission and boy do they come in handy during the game. They deal very heavy damage in a significant area and are effective against both tough elite enemies and swarms of lesser foes.

Holding down the fire button displays the grenade’s flight path so you can aim your throws better. One of their more important uses is to stun the armored Akrid and expose their vulnerabilities to your weapons. You can get an upgrade at the NEVEC armory and Forgotten Wares for an extra belt slot.

Disc Grenades
These do slightly less damage when compared to their frag counterparts, however they can be thrown further and more accurately. You can unlock them at the NEVEC Weapon Shops after finishing the Get to the Source Mission.

The upgrade is the same as with the frag grenades; an extra grenade belt slot.

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