Lost Ark Unknown Island Guide

This guide will thoroughly cover the Unknown Island in Lost Ark including its location, how to acquire the island token and all mokoko seeds.

The Unknown Island is a part of the Timed Event Quests in Lost Ark. This Island consists of randomization features, making it an undiscovered place. This guide will thoroughly cover the Unknown Island in Lost Ark.

Where is the Unknown Island Located in Lost Ark

Lost Ark consists of almost a hundred Islands. Therefore, it’s possible to come across rare Islands yet to be discovered and explored. One such rare and undiscovered Island in Lost Ark is Unknown Island.

To find the Unknown Island, you’ll have to follow the same format as any other Island venture: get access to sailing, which requires you to reach at least level 50 and an item level of 460.

Once all the requirements have been completed and you’re at the recommended level, you can build your ship and sail across the large open sea of Arkesia.

As for the location of this Island, the Unknown Island is found South-west of Shushire and East of the Faten continent. To clear any further confusion, head north from the Lost Ark Monte Island, located at the center of the ocean.

How to Get the Unknown Island Token in Lost Ark

To acquire the Unknown Island Token, you must first go through either the Beast King of Light or Beast King of Darkness.

As soon as you start the exploration, you’ll get assigned a task to follow the path leading you to either of the bosses mentioned above.

There are three paths leading to the boss. However, this comes with a twist as all paths are randomized each time you participate in the Island quest.

Once you’ve found the right path to follow, you’ll get welcomed by vines and a mob of Monkeys that will make your path even harder to follow.

Lastly, when you’ve reached the end of the path, you’ll summon either the Beast King of Light or Beast King of Darkness. You’ll have to defeat them to acquire the Unknown Island Token.

When you’ve finally managed to defeat one of the bosses, you’ll get rewarded with fragments and Lost Ark gold. However, acquiring the Token isn’t promised yet, and in case you don’t receive it on your first run, you’ll have to start all over again till you acquire the Token.

Lost Ark Unknown Island Mokoko Seed Locations

Mokoko Seeds play the role of a Currency in Lost Ark and are one of the eight collectibles the game offers. These Seeds are scattered all around different Islands and can be exchanged at the Mokoko Village for other items.

There are three Mokoko Seeds found at Unknown Island.

The first Seed is found on the Western side of the bridge, near some large rocks at the shore.

The second Seed is found in the same area. Simply head straight from the bridge, climb up the large cliff ahead and move to the Western end of the area while making sure to kill the mob of Monkeys coming your way.

At last, the final Mokoko Seed is found on the Easternmost side of the second Seed. You’ll find it below some bushes after taking care of the wave of monkeys you defeat.

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