Lost Ark Una’s Tasks Guide

Una's Tasks is a quest system that enables you to earn Gold in Lost Ark. In this guide, we’ll be...

Una’s Tasks is a quest system that enables you to earn Gold in Lost Ark. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to Complete Una’s Tasks and how to earn and redeem Una’s Tokens by completing these daily and weekly tasks.

Lost Ark Una’s Tasks

Una’s Tasks is an endgame daily and weekly task system in Lost Ark that becomes accessible once you reach level 50. To survive in Lost Ark, you’ll need gold. Therefore, Una’s Tasks are recommended for individuals who desire to earn a significant amount of Gold with little effort.

Una’s Tasks are divided into Daily and Weeklies. You may rapidly accumulate a huge amount of Gold if you accomplish your daily and weekly tasks. In Lost Ark, you can complete three daily tasks every day and three weekly tasks per week.


In Lost Ark, your reputation with a certain NPC increases by 10 points for each completed daily task. You may access the reputation submenu in Una’s Tasks UI when you complete specific milestones.

The reputation rewards are usually in the form of earning cash, but they can also be in the form of cosmetic rewards for your Stronghold. Each NPC has three reputations, and you may use this strategy to improve the reputations of 65 NPCs.

How to Access Una’s Task Menu

Here is how to access Una’s Task Menu in Lost Ark.

  • Click on “Adventure” on the bottom-right of the screen
  • Select the “Una’s Tasks” option.

You can also access this Una’s Task Menu by pressing Alt + J.

The menu is further divided into four sub-menus.

  • Daily: In the daily option of the sub-menu, all the daily tasks appear. These are small tasks spread across Arkesia, and they reset on a daily basis.
  • Weekly: In this sub-menu, Una’s Weekly tasks appear. Most of the weekly tasks are associated with Endgame. They reset weekly.
  • Reputation: Daily quests boost your repute with specific NPCs. You can get more rewards from this menu if you hit specific milestones.
  • Guild Request: Weekly tasks chosen by your guild master will be displayed here. Guild weekly tasks, when accomplished, earn XP towards your guild’s next rank.

How to Complete Una’s Tasks

Una’s Daily and Weekly Tasks are straightforward to complete. To complete Una’s Task, simply follow these steps

  • Head to Una’s Task Menu.
  • Select the task you want to complete, either daily or Weekly.
  • Complete the task objectives.
  • Return to Una’s Task UI to complete the quest.

Lost Ark Una’s Daily Tasks

In Lost Ark, there is a restriction of 3 daily tasks per day. Una’s Daily Tasks award you two reward points for each daily task completed. Daily tasks are small-scale tasks that can be accomplished quickly. Daily tasks are scattered throughout Arkesia.

You have to travel to a specific location to complete these daily tasks. Before picking a certain daily task, you may examine its location. Simply tap the “Location” button next to the “Accept” button to view the daily task location.

If you fail to complete any daily tasks with your character, some dailies may provide additional benefits when completed as a type of catch-up mechanics.

Here are some of the daily task objectives you’ll encounter in Una’s Daily Tasks in Lost Ark, including the rewards they offer.

Collect Starflower’s Light

  • 240 Roster XP
  • 10 Reputation
  • 400 Honor Shards

Eliminate Mayhem Legion forces

  • 240 Roster XP
  • 10 Reputation
  • 18,700 Silver

Defeat Tarmakum

  • 240 Roster XP
  • 10 Reputation
  • T3 Stone of Soaring

Lost Ark Una’s Weekly Tasks

There is a weekly task limit of three per week in Lost Ark. Una’s Weekly Tasks awards you 12 reward points for each completed weekly task. Weekly Tasks center around Lost Ark’s different endgame tasks, which you need to perform a set number of times to claim the reward.

Only one weekly task can be activated at any given time, and weeklies do not support Lost Ark’s catch-up mechanics.

Weekly tasks in Lost Ark range from completing multiple Chaos Dungeons, doing raids, doing sailing missions and more.

When Does the Daily Checklist in Lost Ark Reset?

The Daily Checklist in Lost Ark is renewed every day at a specific time. As a result, we recommend prioritizing checking off the Daily Checklist to see what type of rewards you may quickly collect while going through the game.

It appears that the Lost Ark Daily Checklist is reset every day at 9 a.m. UTC. However, the precise timing will differ based on your time zone. Here’s a list of the different Daily Checklist reset timings based on different time zone.

  • 1 AM PST
  • 10 AM CET

Weekly tasks, on the other hand, are reset every Thursday.

How to Redeem Una’s Tokens

You will receive reward points for completing each Una’s Task. These reward points can then be redeemed for Una’s Tokens. When you reach the following point total, you will receive Una’s Tokens.

  • 25 Points – 55 Una’s Tokens
  • 35 Points– 55 Una’s Tokens
  • 45 Points – 210 Una’s Tokens
  • 55 Points – 210 Una’s Tokens
  • 70 Points – 310 Una’s Tokens

Una’s Tokens are available from Una’s Tasks menu. You can claim every token you’ve earned up to that point using the menu on the left. If you have completed your weekly Una’s task but have not claimed your tokens, you can receive your unclaimed Una’s Tokens in the mail.

Simply go to any gold exchange merchant in any town to exchange these Una’s Tokens. These merchants will accept your Una’s Tokens in exchange for Gold bags. The amount of gold you receive will be determined by Una’s Tokens.

  • Hefty Gold Sack – 80 Una’s Tokens
  • Small Safe – 200 Una’s Tokens
  • Large Gold Chest – 500 Una’s Tokens
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