Lost Ark Tragedy Written in Stone Guide

This guide will help you find and complete the Tragedy Written in Stone quest in Lost Ark to aid Gravekeeper Kendal.

One of the many Roster Quests you’re likely to find and start in Lost Ark is the “Tragedy Written in Stone” quest. This guide will help you through the Tragedy Written in Stone” quest in Lost Ark as well as outline how you can start the quest in the first place.

Lost Ark Tragedy Written in Stone

Tragedy Written in Stone is a normal quest. You can find it in a graveyard on the Rethramis Border. The quest is not easy to find, you need a Moss-Covered Log to get the quest to even appear.

This log can be found by killing Gravekeeper Ghosts around the world. Once you have the log, check your inventory then use the Log to begin the quest. You will get access to the Mossy Journal and upon reading it, you will be sent to Gravekeeper Kendal.

Speak to Gravekeeper Kendal who instructs you to go and inspect a defaced epitaph on a coffin. This coffin itself is found just a few crypts to the north of Gravekeeper Kendal.


Once you get to the coffin and read the epitaph, you will have a new objective of killing 5 Gravekeeper Ghosts around the coffin. The game marks a specific area but any Gravekeeper Ghost killed in the graveyard will count. Once you have killed 5 Gravekeeper ghosts, head to the marked area for the next step.

In the marked area, the Tormented Woman will appear. Fight her and defeat her. Doing so will complete the last step of the quest.

To finish the quest and get the rewards for the quest, return to Gravekeeper Kendal and speak to him.

Gravekeeper Kendal will give you rewards on completion of the quest. You obtain Combat EXP, Silver, Roster Exp and even a secret map for completing the quest.

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