Lost Ark Tier 2 Island Routes Guide

This guide will go through the best Tier 2 Island Routes to follow and you how to access these islands in Lost Ark.

After you have gone through the Tier 1 Islands in Lost Ark, you will be wondering what is up next for you to discover in the game. This is where Tier 2 dungeons come in. This guide will go through the best Tier 2 Island Routes and teach you how to access these islands.

What is the Best Route to Explore Tier 2 Islands in Lost Ark

Tier 2 Islands are filled with better loot and materials that you can use to upgrade your equipment. These materials are limited to the Tier 2 islands and will only be found on these islands.

Before you head on the journey to visit these Tier 2 islands, make sure you go through the Tier 1 Islands first and have completed Yorn’s main story. You should also upgrade Rapier to go through the deadly waters with ease.

Below, we have created a list of islands you should visit for Tier 2 loot, along with a brief description of how to unlock them and what quests to complete there.

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island – Aiwana Island

The first Island on the list is Aiwana Island, which is located in the origins of Stern. To visit the Island, you first need to go to the west side of Stern city and complete the purple quest, The Perfect Getaway.

Then, keep continuing the quest, and eventually, it will lead you to Aiwana Island.

Complete all quests on Aiwana Island and the hidden quest you get by interacting with a box on the Island. This will give you a lot of Tier 2 materials.

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island – Liebeheim Island

The next Island on the list is Liebeheim Island, to the south of North Vern and west of Tortoyk. Complete all quests on the Island to get the Tier 2 items.

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island – Fomona Island

Fomona Island is to the north of East Luterra port.

There are a few quests on this Island that can be completed in no time. You can also visit the Island again with another character of different gender and do the quests again to receive the Tier 2 rewards for the second time.

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island – Skywind Island

Another island with plenty of yellow and purple quests for you to complete. These quests will reward you with many Tier 2 items and materials. You can search for the Island by typing in the map’s Search Bar.

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island – Distorted Island

Distorted Island is located to the south of South Vern, as you can see on the map below:

You will find an NPC on the Island that will give you a purple quest to complete. You can find the NPC by going through the woods on your right when you start on the Island.

The NPC will keep changing positions throughout the quests. The last quest will be to complete the Cube, which you can only attempt after getting a ticket. So save the Cube for when you have a ticket and grab the Tier 2 rewards after each quest.

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island – Hypnos’s Eyes

According to our Lost Ark Tier 2 Island Routes guide, the last island we will be visiting will be the Hypnos’s Eyes, located southeast of Rohendel.

There are plenty of quests and experiences to get from doing these quests. You can also complete the Daily Quest that goes by the name of Playing by the Pirate’s Rules. This will give you more Tier 2 materials daily.