Lost Ark The Perfect Getaway Quest Guide

We will be looking at a guide on how to finish The Perfect Getaway Quest in Lost Ark and help out Stern Times Reporter Anteri.

Lost Ark’s story and quests are the driving force for the gamers. With tons of interesting quests, Lost Ark is making its mark. Today, we will be looking at a guide on how to handle The Perfect Getaway Quest in Lost Ark and how to finish it.

Where is The Perfect Getaway Quest Located?

This quest is offered to us by an NPC named Stern Times Reporter Anteri in Origins of Stern area in Arthetine continent.

He will ask you to visit some exquisite locations worldwide on his behalf.

One of the locations is Peyto – A luxury liner full of food, drinks, and entertainment for every taste. You are required to perform several tasks when you reach there in order to complete this quest.

For The Perfect Getaway quest, you need to be at least level 50, and you need to complete Elayn’s Gift – The finale of North Vern’s questline.

How to Complete The Perfect Getaway Quest in Lost Ark

To start the quest, you have to talk to the Stern Times Reporter Anteri, an NPC that will offer you this quest. After accepting the quest, travel to the nearest port to start the journey.

On your map, locate Peyto. It is going to be near the Island of Pleccia and the Island of Anikka in the Atusia Ocean. Set your sails and travel to Peyto.

Lost Ark The Perfect Getaway Peyto Location

The first part of your quest includes taking photographs of different shows going on the ship. Each location is marked with a Purple quest marker so you should have no issue finding them.

You have to take photographs of

  • The Danidani’s Show
  • The Clown Show
  • The Piano Concert
  • Mage Tanay’s Show

The next part of the quest will require you to interview the bartender named Volta. The bartender will tell you about different kinds of liquors that are offered on the ship. He will recommend you three different types of liquor to try as well.

For the third part of the quest, you will be asked to try out all three types of liquors that Volta recommends. The recommendations include,

  • West Luterran Beer
  • Dyorika Beer
  • Totrich Beer

Buy all three liquors for 1000 silver each and consume them from your inventory.

Finally, you will move on to the last part of the quest. All you have to do now is to write an article about the Peyto and send it to Anteri. This will conclude your quest. You will receive 10 gold, 100 silver, 22,800 XP, and 477 Roster XP in return for your service.

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