Lost Ark The Final Report Quest Guide

There are a few quests in Lost Ark that players might be unable to complete and they appear bugged. The...

There are a few quests in Lost Ark that players might be unable to complete and they appear bugged. The Final Report quest in the game is one of such questlines and might fail to pop up even though players have completed all of its prerequisites. The following guide will make sure that players are able to complete The Final Report quest in Lost Ark without any issues.

Lost Ark The Final Report

One of the endgame content of Lost Ark is called Boss Rush which pits players against a wave of bosses. While challenging, managing to survive the mode will reward players with high-level Skill Gems to further improve their characters for future endgame content.

In order to gain access to Boss Rush, players are required to complete The Final Report quest. The problem being that some players are unable to unlock the mode even after supposedly completing the quest.

There is the possibility that the Boss Rush mode gets unlocked for players without first completing The Final Report quest. This however is just a bug.

Players will get an error stating that “The Final Report quest is missing,” leaving players to wonder just where to find the quest and how to complete it in order to open up the Boss Rush mode.

Completing Yorn Questline & Chaos Dungeons

The Final Report quest requires completion of the following prerequisite quests before players can finish it

  • Ebentur, the Legendary Adventurer
  • Let There Be Light
  • [Guide] When the Power of the Gem Shines
  • [Guide] Public Announcement Boss Rush
  • [Guide] Guides: Feiton

The first thing players need to do is to complete the entire Yorn questline which should take around a couple of hours at best. Following that, players need to do a few Chaos Dungeons to earn enough tickets to use in Boss Rush.

If players follow the given route, they will be able to face a horde of bosses in Boss Rush without facing the Final Report quest missing error.

The Final Report quest itself just requires returning to the castle and interacting with an object. But it will only work if you have completed all the prerequisites we mentioned earlier.

If the error still comes even after going through Yorn and Chaos Dungeons, The Final Report questline could be bugged for such players.

While many players are relying on workarounds and presumably luck at the time of writing, expect the developer to fix the quest in the near future.

How to Unlock Chaos Dungeons

Like Boss Rush, Chaos Dungeons are also part of the endgame content in Lost Ark. Head to the Vern Castle after hitting level 50 and complete all of the available questlines within.

Once all of the quests are done, Chaos Dungeons will be unlocked as a new endgame activity.

Take note that Chaos Dungeons can be done solo or with a party, the latter being an obvious necessity since these dungeons hit hard.

Furthermore, players can only run two Chaos Dungeons a day on a single character. While the dungeons can be done as many times as players want in a day, they will no longer earn any rewards after the first couple of times.

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