Lost Ark T3 Island Route Guide

This guide will walk you through the quickest and most efficient T3 Island Progression Route in Lost Ark to gear up from 1100 to 1325.

To help you get from item level 1100 to 1325, we’ve prepared this guide that will walk you through the quickest and most efficient T3 Island Progression Route in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark T3 Island Route for lvl 1100 to 1325 Progression

Once you start getting into the tier 3 content in Lost Ark, it’ll become quite confusing as to what you should do to progress through the game from that point on.

To help you out with that, below, we’ve listed down all the tips you need to know for the T3 Island Route, which will help you get from item level 1100 to 1325 very quickly in Lost Ark.

Anguished Island Daily Quest

The Anguished Island Daily Quest is the first thing you need to dive straight into once you reach the T3 content.

You need to actually start the quest back at either T1 or T2. Then, complete the golden quest and start the daily quest for this island. Each day you complete the quest, you’ll be given a key.

You can then use these keys to unlock the dungeon on the island and start farming at T3. This dungeon gives amazing rewards, worth over 25,000 Gold if exchanged.

It will only take you around 10 minutes to do this dungeon each day, so it’s a great way to farm gold and other valuable resources without putting in too much effort.

Punika Main Quest

Your next step is to do the Punka Main Quest. Doing both the main quest and the side quests will take you around 2 hours to complete the whole questline.

We’re doing these quests because they reward you with an insane amount of silver. Once you reach T3, you’ll constantly run out of silver, so this quest will be extremely helpful.

The Chaos Dungeon will be unlocked after completing the Punika main and side quests. You can complete this dungeon to get all of your gear from 1100 to 1302. This will only take one or two runs of the dungeon.

Make sure to transfer your T2 gear to T3 +1. If you don’t do so, you’ll lose a lot of gold for no reason.

Guild Exchange and Pirate Coin Exchange

After doing your Chaos Dungeon run, you can use the Guild Exchange and Pirate Coin Exchange for weekly T3 Mats.

Punika Dungeons

Your next objective now is to beat the Punika Dungeons. There are two special dungeons on Punika Island that drop one-time loot, which gives you T3 loot.

Do each dungeon once on hard mode. It will take around 15 minutes to do, and you’ll get amazing T3 loot from it.

Anguished Island Dungeon

Now that your gear level is up to 1300+, it’s time to go to the Anguished Island Dungeon. Use all of the keys you’ve obtained for this dungeon up till this point to do a run.

You’ll get around 50 T3 Leapstones from this dungeon. A single Leaspstone can be sold for hundreds of gold on the market, so this will give you another great way to farm gold.

T3 Guardian Raid

After completing the Anguished Island Dungeon, you need to do a T3 Guardian Raid once. This will only take 10-15 minutes to do, giving you 150 T3 Leapstones.

As mentioned previously, Leapstones are worth a lot of gold. So these many Leapstones will net you around 60,000 Gold!

This will allow you to get all of your gear up to +6, which will get the gear level up to 1325.

T3 Chaos Exchange

If you don’t have enough resources to get your items up to +6, do the Basic Chaos Dungeon at 1100 to get 140 Shards per run.

You can then go to the T3 Chaos Exchange and get T3 materials. The cost of the materials will go up each time you purchase them, but these items will all be tradeable.

The item you’ll want to buy is the Leapstones. You’ll be able to get a lot of Leapstones by just doing a few runs of the Basic Chaos Dungeon. You can then sell these Leapstones to get gold while using the Leapstones you acquired from the T3 Guardian Raid.

This gold can then be used to purchase the remaining T3 mats that you need to get your gear up to +6. Once you get your gear up to level 1325, do another run of the T3 Guardian Raid to get more loot.

And that’s about all you need to do to get from level 1100 to 1325. Follow this T3 Island Route step by step, and you’ll level up in no time.