Lost Ark Sublime Island Guide

This comprehensive guide covers everything about the Sublime Island in Lost Ark, including the island token, quests, and Mokoko Seeds.

This comprehensive guide covers everything about the Sublime Island in Lost Ark, including how to get the island token, questlines, and Mokoko Seeds Locations.

Where is the Sublime Island Located in Lost Ark

Sublime Island is one of several Adventure Islands in Lost Ark that offer riches and rewards to those who dare to visit. Sublime Island is situated to the east of Shushire and the northwest of Feiton.

How to Get The Sublime Island Token

Sublime Island Token is a rapport reward. It can be acquired by reaching the Trusted Tier with either Ezrebet or Krissa.


In Sublime Island, there are two NPCs available to build Rapport with. However, you can only build rapport with one of them. Once you have reached the Trusted Tier with one, you can unlock the other as well.

The two NPCs are Ezrebet and Krissa. Read on to learn all about them.


Ezrebet will be available for rapport if you have fulfilled the quest and virtue condition.

To unlock Ezrebet, you need to complete the quest Primordial Existence. Ezrebet herself will assign you this quest on the Island.

In terms of Virtues required to unlock Ezrebet, you’ll need 60 Wisdom, 60 Courage, and 70 Charisma.

Now that you know what it takes to unlock Ezrebet, here’s how to get to the Trusted Tier with her. To reach the Trusted Tier with Ezrebet, you must have 38,200 rapport experience.

To get the number, you must learn all relevant songs and emotes and complete all rapport-related quests with her. This feat will take approximately 29 days to accomplish.


If you want to have Krissa as an NPC to do rapport with, you’ll need to complete Stern’s Specialist quest and have 60 Wisdom, 60 Courage, and 70 Charisma.

The Stern’s Specialist quest will be assigned to you by Krissa herself on the Island.

Now that we are clear on how to unlock Krissa, here is how to reach Trusted Tier with her. You’ll need a total of 38,200 rapport experience with Krissa to hit the Trusted Tier.

You’ll have to learn all relevant songs and emotes and finish all rapport-related quests with Krissa to reach the required number to hit the Trusted Stage. This will ideally require 41 days to complete.

Lost Ark Sublime Island Quests

There are three quests available on this Island, and you can cash on these quests to gather some good loot. Here we have listed the Sublime Island Quests.

A Pleasant Aroma

On the Sublime Island, Janet will assign you A Pleasant Aroma quest. You will receive the following rewards for completing this quest.

  • Courage +3
  • Linderte Goblet
  • Class-Exclusive Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest x3
  • Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x4
  • Pirate Coin x6000
  • Silver x40000

Primordial Existence

Primordial Existence is one of two optional quests available on Sublime Island. Ezrebet will assign you this quest, and if you complete it, you will receive 30,000 Silver, and Ezrebet will be unlocked as rapport.

Stern’s Specialist

The second optional quest on Sublime Island is Stern’s Specialist. Completing this quest will unlock Krissa and reward you with 30,000 Silver.

Lost Ark Sublime Island Mokoko Seeds Locations

The Sublime Island features two Mokoko Seeds. This section of the guide will explain the Mokoko Seeds locations on Sublime Island.

Mokoko Seed Location #1

The first Mokoko Seed can be found to the south of the Island. The exact location is marked on the map below for your convenience.

Simply go to the location, and you’ll see the Mokoko Seed directly ahead of you, towards the right corner of the area.

Mokoko Seed Location #2

The second Mokoko Seed of the Island is also quite simple to locate. It is located on the southwest tip of the Island.

Simply head to the marked location, and you’ll come across the Mokoko Seed. It will be in the left-hand corner of the area.

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