Lost Ark Striker Leveling Guide

Have you been trying to level up your Striker class but can’t seem to do so? Well, worry no more! In this Lost Ark guide, we’ll teach you all about leveling up the Striker and give some special tips and tricks that can really elevate your performance. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Lost Ark Striker Leveling

If you’re a regular player of Lost Ark, you may already be familiar with the fact that the Striker class is comparatively slower than other classes when it comes to clearing out big mobs and groups.

Though Striker is a fast class, the lack of AoEs can set it far back from others. However, it doesn’t stay this way till the end of the game. Once players start investing and unlocking some more immense AoE skills, the performance improves dramatically.

A Striker performs marvelously against a Boss or stronger enemy by taking them with its single target-focused skills.

In order to level up fast, players should increase their damage and clear speed. To do so, they must acquire the top Item level gear and focus on Crit alongside Specialization Combat Stats.

Apart from this, you should also focus on completing the main and side quests. The faster you complete them, the easier it gets to reach your desired level.

Striker Skills and Combos to focus on

The following is the list of skill points allocations to help the players gain Tripods for their t potent skills. The points left behind can be used in the secondary skills; however, always keep in mind to relocate your points into the main skills when the need arrives

Level 12

Give 4 points to Violent Tiger for damage and 4 points to Moon Flash Kick for identity gauge gain.

Level 20-21

For these levels, we recommend you give 20 points to Moon Flash Kick for some gap closer, whereas 20 points for Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges will do well for damage.

Level 25

Give a total of 48 points to Moon Flash Kick for damage.

Level 30-31

For these levels, give a total of 48 points to Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges.

Level 35

Allocate 20 points to Lightning for Identity gauge gain and AoE.

Level 38

Allocate 20 points to Sweeping Kick for identity gauge and single target burst.

Level 44

We recommend you allocate Sweeping Kick a total of 48 points for damage.

Level 48

You should use 48 points for Violent Tiger for gauge generator, lower cooldown, and damage.

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