Lost Ark Sorceress Leveling Guide

In this Lost Ark guide, we’ll be diving into the Sorceress class and how players can level her up fast. So if you want to catch onto some tips and tricks, keep on reading.

Want to speed through leveling process but don’t know what skills to prioritize? Well, we’ve got you! In this Lost Ark guide, we’ll be diving into the Sorceress class and how players can level her up fast. So if you want to catch onto some tips and tricks, keep on reading.

Lost Ark Sorceress Leveling

Sorceress is a beginner-friendly class in Lost Ark and is one of the options for starting Mage Classes. She’s incredible with dealing ranged magic damage, making her an excellent option for those who just started getting into combat and are not good with enemies.

Having your character be good with dealing damage while you figure out combat tactics makes room for growth and learning as a player, hence why we also recommend Sorceress.

Sorceress is a fast-paced class and is one of the few classes that power through leveling early in the game. She’s excellent with the AoE spells and can wipe out hordes of enemies, making it easier for you to progress faster with her in the game. Additionally, she can stun enemies, making them disabled for a very long time.

Empowered by Arcane Rupture, Sorceress can refill her snap in almost no time. Unlike other classes, where the metered abilities take their sweet time to recharge to the point where it gets useless sometimes, Sorceress has a relentless guarantee of damage from her end.

Her outstanding mobility is her best defense strategy in a low-health pool scenario, making her untouchable against the enemies. However, to get to most of the abilities mentioned thus far, you must level her up. Once she starts advancing in the levels and reaching her full potential, she becomes the leader for endgame domination!

Sorceress Skills and Combos to focus on

The following is the list of skill points allocations to help the players gain Tripods for their powerful skills.

The points left behind can be used in the secondary skills; however, always keep in mind to relocate your points into the main skills when the need arrives.

Level 14

Allocate 20 points to Seraphic Hail for killing hordes of enemies while you’re in your lowest cooldown skill.

Level 18

Allocate 20 points to Punishing Strike to deal with mobs of enemies and challenging bosses.

Level 24

Allocate 28 points to Punishing Strike to provide and max out the damage for bosses and a bunch of enemies.

Level 28

Allocate 20 points to Frost’s Call for AoE skill in order to build an Identity gauge.

Level 32

Allocate  20 points to Explosion to wipe out mobs of enemies and challenging bosses. However, we recommend you prioritize  Punishing Strike over this skill and only use this when nothing else is accessible for you.

Level 38

Allocate 28 points to Explosion to increase its damage even more.

Level 42

Elegian’s Touch is activated to help you with fast mobility as you level up.

Level 48

Upon reaching this level, Frost’s Call is maxed out so you can provide even more damage to the enemies.

Lost Ark Sorceress Leveling Tips

Some of the essential tips to level up Sorceress involves increasing her damage and clear speed. To do so, you must acquire the top Item level gear and focus on Crit alongside Specialization Combat Stats.

You should also focus on completing the main and side quests. The faster you complete them, the easier it gets to reach your desired level.

Apart from the basic tips, we recommend you not boost Sorceress’s stun spells. We know stun spells and their great performance against enemies make it almost hard to resist the temptation to level them up; however, it must be avoided.

Instead, invest more points on burst spells to deal with enemies faster and get ahead in the game more quickly. As for boosting up mobility, we recommend you invest some points into metered ability like Blink to make it hard for enemies to catch you off guard or when you’re at your low levels.

And lastly, we recommend you always use the time when enemies are stunned or disabled to cast a spell that will provide max damage to the enemies. For that, we recommend spells with short-period cooldowns.

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