Lost Ark Signatus Boss Guide

Lost Ark will eventually task players to defeat Signatus in order to complete the Adventurer’s Tome for Arthetine region. The...

Lost Ark will eventually task players to defeat Signatus in order to complete the Adventurer’s Tome for Arthetine region. The following Lost Ark Signatus Boss guide will help players with their task by highlighting all there is to know about the Signatus boss fight in the game.

Where to Find Signatus in Lost Ark

Signatus is a mechanical boss in the T1 World. It is also one of the three T1 World event spawn bosses in the game. Signatus spawns every day but players are still recommended to check its spawn time through their in-game calendar before heading out.

In the same calendar menu from where you will check the spawn time, there’s an option that will pin the exact location of Signatus on the map.

Signatus can be located in a rectangular area southeast of the Soldier Ant Nest Dungeon. To get there, you can use an ocean liner to reach Arthetine. Then use the Soldier Ant Nest Tripod and walk southeast.

Signatus Respawn Time

Signatus is world-class boss and hence as a respawn timer. Once Signatus has been defeated by the player, it will take 30 minutes for the boss to respawn and, in the meantime, players can prepare themselves for the next fight.

How to Defeat Signatus Boss in Lost Ark

You’ll need a minimum combat level of 50 and an item level of 250 to face Signatus.

The boss has a number of offensive skills and the best way to avoid its deadly attacks is not to confront it from the front. Signatus mostly always attacks in a frontwards direction, meaning that players should be smart enough to attack from its rear.

Remember that defeating Signatus alone will be fairly difficult. It’s best that you look into the area chat to recruit other players for the raid.

Channels can be swapped from the drop-down menu in the top right of the UI. This is a suitable option to use and moreover, you will be most probably killed if you fight alone.

Defeating Signatus provides a loot of epic quality T1 Jewellery, engravings card, and much more. Following are the items that you can collect after defeating Signatus.

Item name Stats and description
Forbidden Elemental Earrings 273 primary stat and 174 Vitality.
Forbidden Elemental Ring 253 primary stat and 139 Vitality.
Forbidden Magick Earrings 273 primary stat and 174 Vitality
Forbidden Magick Necklace 351 primary stat (your class), 243 Vitality
Forbidden Magick Ring 253 primary stat and 139 Vitality.
Battle Engraving Recipe (Rare) Grants a rare battle engraving.
Battle Engraving Recipe (uncommon) Grants an uncommon battle engraving
Bleed Gives a bleed effect to your skill.
Signatus Rare collectable card.
Destruction Stone Fragment A fragment used to upgrade honing armor.
Epic Ability Stone An epic ability stone that matches the character’s item level.
Guardian Stone Fragment Honing armor fragment.
Star’s Breath Increase the Honing success chance on T1 gear.
XP Card A Legendary XP card that to be sent to any character on your server’s roster.
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