How to Get Shadowmoon Market Island Token in Lost Ark

This guide will go over the quests and tasks you need to complete to earn the Shadowmoon Market Island Token in Lost Ark.

While exploring Shadowmoon Island in Lost Ark, you will discover the Shadow’s Mark quest that needs to be completed to help locate (and acquire) the necessary Lost Ark Shadowmoon Market Island Token. You may earn Island Tokens by completing quests, activities, and defeating bosses on many of the Lost Ark’s islands, and then trade them in for great rewards.

How to Get to Shadowmoon Island

Shadowmoon Island is situated in the North Vern Sea, between the old continent and Shushire. It is located along the coast of North Vern, on the border of some dead waters, so you can simply escape the hazard when arriving at the island.

Prior to traveling here, you should have reached combat level 50 and equipped item level 250, and you must have access to ships in the game.

How to Get Shadowmoon Market Island Token in Lost Ark

The mission with a Light Heart rewards you with a Shadowmoon Market Island Token. There are various requirements for this Island Token quest, including 5 completed Achievements, such as Thank You Chipmunk and Click! Una’s Task: Lights and Camera, 1 Shadowmoon Dance, and 5x Completed Super-Secret Materials for a Super-Secret Project.

Shadowmoon Dance is a cooperative task with a 30-minute respawn duration after the mission is completed or if the timer runs out. The quest needs the display of four emotes.

Applause and cheering must be repeated ten times each. Dance must be performed three times, and you must also pray three times.

If you are doing it on your own, you will barely do it inside the time restriction if you chain everything together precisely.

Using a camera and capturing spirits unlocks four achievements. Take 30 photos of the Golden Spirit and 100 photos of the Red, Blue, and Green Spirits, respectively.

It is not necessary to farm all achievements in one day because Una’s Task will have demanded as much. Completing a four-part Hidden Story earns you the fifth achievement.

After completing all quests and achievements, you will get Shadowmoon Market Island Token.

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