How to Clear Shadespire Floor 48 in Lost Ark

The first tower you’ll unlock in Lost Ark is Shadespire. It is one of the most important towers in the game and full of Engraving Recipes to enhance your crafting goals. If you are stuck on floor 48 of Shadespire, our Lost Ark guide will help you clear it.

How to Clear Shadespire Floor 48 in Lost Ark

Granting rare collectibles and stat-boosting options to progress the character, Shadespire Tower silences the player at its floor 48. It gets annoying when the players are unable to use their attacks against the bosses there.

Silencing the players on the 48th floor of Shadespire makes this level one of the hardest to clear. The longer the players take to clear the floor, the more minions spawn there. There exist two quick ways to finish the miniboss on that floor and proceed.

  • Use Panacea and Ultimate
  • Use the Grenades

The first option will clear the floor in just one blow while the second will take a couple of seconds to get rid of enemies there.

Use Panacea and Ultimate

Make sure that you are carrying at least one Panacea Potion to use during the fight. Panacea Potions can be obtained by opening the Chests or you may also craft them. Now enter the floor and wait for the boss to spawn at the center.

Keep in mind that you’ll be silenced and won’t be able to attack the boss or minions there. When the boss has spawned, wait for the debuff cooldown to reach 3-4 seconds.

Now use the Panacea option. After this, use the ultimate ability to defeat the boss and clear the floor.

When you will kill the central boss, all the enemies including the minions will get destroyed and you will be able to go further.

Since time is proportional to enemies and more enemies will be on the floor with more time, this method will clear the floor at once and is thus the recommended one.

Use the Grenades

Enter floor 48 and wait for the debuff to reach 3-4 seconds. Use the cold or flame grenade after the boss has spawned. You will get silenced again. Avoid the enemy’s attack and wait until you can use your grenades again.

Use your grenades again and get rid of the boss and ultimately the floor. Keep in mind that there’s no need to attack any minion and the focus of all these attacks should be the central boss.

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