Lost Ark Scrapper Leveling Guide

This Lost Ark guide will be providing some Scrapper Leveling tips, which will help you level the class up quickly....

This Lost Ark guide will be providing some Scrapper Leveling tips, which will help you level the class up quickly. So if you want to elevate one of the strongest character classes in the game to stand out, even more, keep on reading!

Lost Ark Scrapper Leveling

Scrapper in Lost Ark is a beginner-friendly class focused on melee kicks and punches. It’s an advanced version of the Martial Artist Class and has heavy-hitting attacks that deal a lot of damage to the enemies.

It also has excellent impairment skills and high mobility. Both of which are great when dealing with bosses who might be hard to get rid of.

Scrapper can also impressively switch between her energies types, including Stamina and Shock. Unfortunately, although she has a pretty good set of abilities, Scrapper lacks AoE skills during the starting levels.

Scrapper Skills and Combos to Focus on

The following is the list of skill points allocations to help the players gain Tripods for their powerful skills.

The points left behind can be used in the secondary skills; however, always keep in mind to relocate your points into the main skills when the need arrives.

Level 12

Allocate 4 points to Charging Blow and  4 points to Dragon Advent for excellent mobility.

Level 14

Allocate 4 points to Death Rattle to be able to get rid of enemies, bosses, and small monster packs easily.

Level 16

Allocate 20 points to Earthquake Chain to have better AoE clearing.

Level 20

Allocate 20 points to Chain Destruction Fist to get rid of Bosses easily and acquire AoE clearing.

Level 26

Allocate 48 points to Earthquake Chain to clear out monster packs without any hassle.

Level 28

Allocate 4 points to True Rising Fist for effective AoE clearing.

Level 32

Allocate 48 points to Chain Destruction Fist for effective wins against boss fights and having AoE clearing.

Level 40

Allocate 48 points to True Rising Fist AoE clearing and getting rid of bosses.

Level 45

Allocate 48 points to Death Rattle to deal excellent damage against Bosses.

Level 50

Give 48 points to Roundup Sweep for clearing up if any stragglers are left behind.

Lost Ark Scrapper Leveling Tips

However, once you progress in the game and get past level 30, she’ll showcase some incredible pace by acquiring damage skills that clear out mobs of enemies.

To level up the Scrapper class fast, players should focus on completing the main and side quests. The quicker you complete them, the easier it gets to reach your desired level.

As for during the leveling up process, players should have heavy gear on hand that prioritizes Crit and Specialization combat stats. These stats at the front enable your character to have some kickass damage and clear speed.

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