Lost Ark Sasha Rapport Guide

In this Lost Ark Sasha Rapport guide, we'll be looking into how to build Rapport with Sasha, where to find her, and all of her quests.

Sasha is one of the most intimidating-looking NPCs in Lost Ark. She’s cherished for her fashion sense, confidence, and outspoken attitude. In this Lost Ark Sasha Rapport guide, we’ll be looking into how to build Rapport with Sasha, where to find her, and all of the quests you can complete for her.

Where to Find Sasha in Lost Ark?

Sasha might seem like a tough NPC to some players, and why not? She’s one hell of a woman. However, with the right motives and completing the quests she assigns you, you can successfully bond with her.

However, before you go and find her, be sure you have Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness. And keep in mind, all of them must be above 310.

Unlike other NPCs, who are usually located at places that are missable, finding Sasha is pretty straightforward. You don’t have to lose too much stamina looking for her, and it is faster.

To find her and build rapport with Sasha in Lost Ark, you have to head to the Town Hall, located in the Origins of Stern area of Arthetine. Now that you’re there look around for Sasha until you find her.

How to Complete ‘Her own Hero’ Quest in Lost Ark?

Now slow down and don’t get too excited for the quest. You’ll first have to have Trusted Level 1 with Sasha, and then only you can avail the quest. She sure is tough.

Now that you’re at that level and have all the virtues, a pink quest will appear above Sasha’s head, and you can begin the quest. Upon starting the quest, Sasha will ask you to hand-deliver the Budget and Report to a few people around the town. And she’ll also have you deliver a report at the Bastian in the Hall of Transcendence.

Once you’re done running these errands for her, Sasha will invite you to her place, and you can give the last report to Bastian. He’ll let you know that Sasha is quite worried about a letter she can’t find.

Then you’ll receive a location to find the letter. You can find the letter in the same room where Sasha was before, near the fallen painting. Upon finding the letter, Bastian will receive the clue that Sasha has been kidnapped. It’s time to save your lady!

Head towards the Underground Market in Origins of Stern, and talk to the Members of Iris. Use the codename ‘D’and proceed. The Aris Member will provide you with a map leading to the dungeon of Facility X-301.

Head there and explore the area till you come across the badass Sasha fighting enemies in some epic-looking gear. Then, go ahead and help her get the prisoners’ data.

Now head back to Town Hall and speak with Bastian again. He’ll continue the quest with you where you’ll have to go to Sasha and talk to her. A cut scene will trigger where she’ll kiss you, making the people around go wild for pictures and flashes.

You’ll be informed that you may never see Sasha again, so to not lose track of her, you’ll have to head to Peyto and continue with the quest. Upon arriving, a cut scene will be triggered where Sasha will invite you to make love with her.

Lost Ark Sasha Rapport Rewards

Upon completing the quest, players will receive a Giant’s Heart, 135.000 Silver, 4 Engravings, 20 Pheonix Plumes (Revives), and Sasha Card.

Here are the items that you can acquire by exchanging Rapport Points (RP):


  • Song of Starlight RP – 325
  • Song of Temptation RP – 375


  • Laugh – RP 275
  • Shy – RP 300


  • Liebeheim’s Rose – RP 324
  • Zagoras Ice Cap – RP 324
  • Lobster Dish – RP 324
  • Sturdy Cage – RP 330
  • Glacial Beer – RP 330
  • Halite Statue – RP 330
  • Broken Dagger – RP 330
  • Tournament Entrance Certificate – RP 330
  • Soundstone of Dawn – RP 330
  • Black Rose – Rapport 330
  • Hoyte 100-Year Anniversary Bookmark – RP 330
  • Yudia Natural Salt – RP 330
  • Old Bone – RP 360
  • Magick Crystal – RP 360
  • Machine Repair Set – RP 390
  • Stern Scrap Iron – RP 450, RequiredCharisma 150
  • Fargar’s Beer – RP 2000
  • Surprise Chest – RP 2000
  • Sky Reflection Oil – RP 2000
  • Chain War Chronicles – RP 2000
  • Shy Wind Flower Pollen – RP 2000
  • Angler’s Fishing Pole – RP 2000
  • Fine Gramophone – RP 2000
  • Vern’s Founding Coin – RP 2000
  • Sirius’s Holy Book – RP 2000
  • Red Moon Tears – RP 2000
  • Festival of Fire and Ice – RP 2000
  • Sylvain Queens’ Blessing – RP 2000
  • Oreha Viewing Stone – RP 2000
  • Necromancer’s Records – RP 2000
  • Encavian Crown – RP 5000
  • Gustaven’s Holy Water – RP 10000
  • Medrick Centennial Wine – RP 10000
  • Honey Toast – RP 10000
  • Living Stone – RP 10000
  • Endless Bottle – RP 10000
  • Hoyte Issue No. 289 – RP 10000
  • Linderte Goblet – RP 10000
  • Blue Gem – RP 10000
  • Millennial Lotus Essence – RP 10000
  • Mask of the Oath – RP 10000
  • Blessings of the Lazeniths- RP 10000
  • Gienah’s Protection – RP 10000
  • Blue Heart Fruit – RP 10000
  • Haal Coin – RP 10000
  • Crystal Necklace – RP 10000
  • Liquor of Arrogance – RP 10000
  • Albion’s Scale – RP 10000
  • Lunar Knights Token – RP 10000

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