Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyss Dungeon Guide

There are many different levels of dungeons available for players to explore in Lost Ark. The very first tier 2...

There are many different levels of dungeons available for players to explore in Lost Ark. The very first tier 2 abyss dungeon that players will be able to explore is the Road of Lament Abyss Dungeon. This Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyss Dungeon guide provides complete details on how to clear it and what to expect inside.

Lost Ark Road of Lament

Being a tier 2 dungeon, the dungeon will drop tier 2 items like ability stones, engraving books, cards, and other accessories. In addition, materials required to craft the Marvelous Earth Bow are also dropped in this dungeon.

To enter the Road of Lament Abyss dungeon, you will require a party having 4 players, and all of them should have an item level of 840+.

In addition, all players need to have completed the previous 4 Abyss dungeons.

In Road of Lament Abyss dungeon, you will face off against 2 different bosses, Nazan and Kyzra.

Even though it is a tier 2 dungeon, it is not as difficult to navigate through. Below we have explained how to deal with both the bosses you will face in the dungeon.

Road of Lament: Nazan Boss

Nazan is the first boss you will go up against in the Road of Lament Abyss dungeon. He has a couple of different attacks up his sleeves. First, Nazan will create a damage ring when he teleports to the middle of the arena.

Make sure that you are outside of the area of effect of this ring to avoid taking damage. In one of his attacks, he will extend his arms to the sides of the area and then shoot lasers from rotating hands. Make sure to stay mobile to escape the lasers coming your way.

Later in the fight, Nazan will create an Inner ring that will damage players if they are touched.

To escape this field, make sure to head to the edge of the arena, as the inner field won’t be able to reach here.

In one of the attacks, Nazan will drop magnetic fields on each player of your party. Make sure you move out. If Nazan stops rotating his arms, beware of a change of direction, as he may start shooting lasers in the opposite direction.

While Nazan is vulnerable after his attacks, make sure all of your team attacks him together to damage him.

Road of Lament: Kyzra Boss

The second and final boss to fight in the dungeon is Kyzra. Similar to Nazan, Kyzra will teleport to the middle of the arena and then shoot yellow and red orbs in all directions.

The best way to dodge this attack is for all the teammates to move in different directions from each other.

At the start of the fight, your objective will be to collect 3 yellow orbs while ignoring the red orbs.

When you successfully collect the yellow orbs, a yellow aura will engulf all the team members. After that, large red orbs will be thrown towards you by Kyzra.

You will need to destroy these orbs with the help of the yellow aura you obtained. If too many red orbs touch the yellow orb, it will get destroyed, and all our party will die. Therefore, great coordination between all team members is required to make it through this part of the fight.

Kyzra also has a couple more attacks up its sleeves. An orange health bar will pop up above her in one attack, and she will start attacking a large cone in 3 different directions.

You will need to use whirlwind grenades or stagger abilities to stop her. If you fail to stop her in time, she will perform a high damage AOE attack.

Once these attacks are done, make sure to keep piling attacks until her health bar is depleted completely.

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