Lost Ark Revelry Row Mokoko Seed Locations Guide

The following guide helps locate all of the Mokoko seeds scattered across Revelry Row in Lost Ark.

Mokoko seeds are one of the many collectibles in Lost Ark. What makes collecting them worthwhile are the rewards you get in exchange for finding them throughout Mokoko Village on Tortoyk Island. They are scattered all over the different regions of the game. This guide makes sure to discuss all the Revelry Row Mokoko seed locations in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Revelry Row Mokoko Seed Locations

Take note that you can always get a glimpse of how many Mokoko seeds you have collected and what regions you have collected them from. For this, you need to go into your adventure tab and open the Mokoko Seed icon, and all the information will be listed for you.

With about 1202 Mokoko seeds and a lot of rewards for collecting them, this will keep you busy for a while. So to make things a little easier, we will be making guides on how to get these seeds from different locations.

The seeds are shown on the map in the form of fruit with two small leaves, and this is the plant where you collect one seed. So just go near the plant and press G to harvest the seed.

So let’s get down to it, with all the Mokoko Seed locations in Revelry Row.

The first seed is in some bushes located next to the sea, above the portal gate at the island’s southern tip. Start going through the bushes, and you’ll easily spot the seed.

The second seed is right behind Budding Entrepreneur Zenri at this location on the map. This will be right below the tower, around the area where some NPCs are gathered around the drums of fire.

These are the only two seeds available in Revelry Row; browse our archives for more seed locations or guides on Lost Ark.

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