How to Get the Raptor Mount in Lost Ark

This guide will explain how to get the Raptor Mount, one of the coolest looking mounts, in Lost Ark and ride it around in style.

In Lost Ark, there are multiple different mounts that you can unlock as you progress through the game. One of these mounts is the Raptor mount, allowing you to ride a Raptor. This guide will explain how to get the Raptor Mount in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Raptor Mount

In Lost Ark, Mounts are companions who serve multiple types of purposes. First, mounts can be used as helpers during missions and quests as each Mount has some different skill and ability which will aid you in one way or another.

Some Mounts will have more abilities than others, while some won’t have any of them. Furthermore, several mount skills require a cooldown period before being used again.

Players will unlock several Mounts as they advance through Lost Ark. These mounts, however, cannot be sold, swapped, or destroyed. Once a Mount is obtained, it will stay in your items and can be used whenever you want.

How to get the Raptor Mount in Lost Ark

To obtain the Raptor Mount in Lost Ark, keep progressing the game story until you unlock the North Vern Continent of the map. Then, keep playing the main quests to unlock this part of the map.

Once the North Vern continent is unlocked, your next objective will be to work on leveling up the Adventurer’s Tome for the North Vern region. The Adventurer’s Tome can be progressed in multiple ways, including completing quests, defeating monsters and bosses, discovering different collectibles, and much more.

To unlock the Gray Stripe Raptor mount, you will need to reach 30% progress for the Adventurer’s Tome. Once unlocked, you will be able to use the Raptor mount with all of your different characters.

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