How to Get the Ladybug Mount in Lost Ark

There are 65 Mounts in Lost Ark, and the Ladybug Mount is one of them. The Ladybug Mount is relatively...

There are 65 Mounts in Lost Ark, and the Ladybug Mount is one of them. The Ladybug Mount is relatively easier to find compared to most Mounts. This guide helps you find out how to get the Ladybug Mount in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Ladybug Mount

The Ladybug Mount is one of the several 65 Mounts in Lost Ark. Each Mount is divided into its own class ranging from Uncommon to Relic Rarity.

The Ladybug Mount is quite easy to find because it belongs to the uncommon category of rarity. Rarer the Mount, the greater the abilities/skills.

There are three colors of Ladybug Mounts, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Each mount you receive prevents you from trading, selling, or disbanding it as it’s permanently a part of your account for the rest of your journey, which you can additionally check in the Mount Menu.

How to Get the Ladybug Mount

With all the information in hand, you can now explore the depths of Lost Ark to find the Mount. Before heading into the search for any Mounts, you must first complete the main story on Luterra.

From there onwards, you’ll be assigned to complete World quests (blue pointers on the map). Initially, you’ll be taking part in Tortoyk’s World Quest.

Continue completing these quests in any order, and after some time, you’ll be sent to the Mokoko Village. Mokoko Village is the same place where you spend your Mokoko Seeds.

Mokoko Seeds are basically the main type of collectibles in Lost Ark, and they’re scattered all around the map in an approximate quantity of 1200. Most of them are found in random spots, while others are locked away in dungeons.

With that said, once you’re at the Mokoko Village, you’ll get assigned several tasks and will at a point get assigned a side quest known as Keep Farm From Harm. In this side quest, you’re assigned a task by Mushumushu to “bring the runaway ladybugs safely back into their pen.”

Once you’ve completed this side quest, you get rewarded with a Ladybug Mount.

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