Lost Ark Nineveh Rapport Guide

In this Lost Ark guide, we’ll guide you through Nineveh's Rapport, outline her location, and tell you how to spark a romance with her.

Are you enchanted by the gorgeous NPC Nineveh but can’t exactly figure out how to increase rapport with her? Well, folks, you’re in the right place. In this Lost Ark Nineveh Rapport guide, we’ll guide you through who this beautiful Lazenith archer is, where you can find her, and how you can spark romance with her! So, without further ado, let us begin!

Lost Ark Nineveh Rapport

Nineveh has caught the attention of the Lost Ark community by showcasing her surreal visuals and cheerful personality. She’s absolutely the best choice if you’re looking for an NPC with whom you can rapport with.

However, before you embark on that journey, you’ll have to make sure you have substantial Providence Stones to purchase Rapport Gifts. Rapport Gifts are a great way to stir some love in the air! Once you’ve enough of those stones, it’s time to find the stunning Nineveh.

But wait a minute, who said finding love is that easy? Not to be cheesy, but just like real life, you’ve got to make some efforts to find your love of life in the virtual world too. Building Rapport with Nineveh entails finding her easily missable home location and completing the Our Story Rapport quest.

Where to find Whispering Islet

Nineveh can be found in the Whispering Islet located towards the north-west of the Crescent Moon Marina, part of the Rethramis region. For better indication, look into the center of the Whispering Sea to find the location.

The easiest way to go there is to set sail from the Marina by using some pirate coins. However, once you’re there, notice the two areas in the Whispering Islet.

You should head towards Eastern Island at the Closed Beach to talk to Allegro. Upon interacting, he’ll assign you the Start of Our Story quest.

How to Complete the Start of Our Story quest

After you’ve received the quest, head towards the main island below Closed Beach. Here, you’ll find a creature named Totoikis who’s in weird block formation. Interact with him by using your ‘G’ key, and you’ll be transported to the Southern Island.

Make your way to the hill and towards the Park in the Forest. Being a musical island, it’ll have some musicals here and there to entertain you, so be sure to enjoy it while you can.

Now, go to the Windhaven Garden and you’ll see the beautiful Nineveh in a deep slumber. Of course, now we know it’s a bummer that the events leading up are not like what happened in Beauty and the Beast, but it’s still just like a fairy tale.

To wake Nineveh, you’ll play the heart’s melody. Once the melody ends, a cut scene will trigger where the lovely NPC will show her gratitude, and the mini-quest will come to an end.

After that, you have to complete the main quest, which is pretty straightforward. Just listen to Nineveh’s story and use her as a rapport. To do so, give her some sweet little trinkets, sing her songs, and use emotes to deliver your emotions.

Nineveh Rapport Rewards

Here are Rapport rewards for Nineveh according to Rapport status.

For the Neutral level, players will receive 5 x Ancient Platinum coins. For the Amicable level, players will be rewarded 1 x Stat increase potion, 9 x 100-gold coin, 8 x Ancient Platinum coins.

Whereas for the Friendly level, players can obtain 5 x Recovery battle item chest, 10 x 100-gold coin, 17 x Ancient platinum coins

And finally for the Trusted players shall receive the 14th Epic Giant’s Heart, Nineveh Legendary Card, Whispering islet Token

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