Lost Ark Moake World Boss Guide

We've prepared this guide where we'll be walking you through all of the information you need to know about Moake, the World Boss in Lost Ark.

To help you out with defeating Moake, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be walking you through all of the information you need to know about Moake, the World Boss in Lost Ark.

Where to Find Moake in Lost Ark?

Once you start playing through the tier 3 content in Lost Ark, you’ll have the option to fight some optional bosses known as “World Bosses.” Moake is one of the World Bosses you can face in Lost Ark.

Though Moake is an optional boss, you’ll need to defeat him to finish the Punika Adventurer’s Tome. It’ll be a tough boss fight, but the loot you can get from Moake makes it worth the time and effort you’ll spend on the fight.

Moake is located in the Tikatika Colony region of Punika. To get to this area, first travel to Punika by sea, then run north from the Aira Pond Triport.

If you’re having trouble finding Moake, click on the server calendar and select the Lost Ark Moake event. Then, press the compass button, and it’ll show you the exact location of Moake on the map.

In Lost Ark, the time and date of when a World Boss spawns are pre-determined. So, while you have the event calendar open, check to see when Moake will spawn in your server.

An important thing to note is that the recommended item level for the Moake boss fight is 1415 and the equipment level is 1425. If your item level is below the recommended level, your attacks will do little to no damage to Moake.

How to Defeat Moake World Boss in Lost Ark

Moake has millions of health points, meaning he’s designed to be fought by a large group of players instead of solo. So before you try taking the salamander down, look around to see how many people are around.

If only a few players are around, it’s better to join a channel with more players. If there isn’t a busier channel, it’ll be wise to just wait for more people to log on.

Despite its large size, Moake is a very agile salamander. To avoid getting bullied around by Moake, you’ll need to learn his moveset and how you can counter or dodge each move.

White and Red AoE Circles

Moake spawns white and red circles on the ground and then shoots fireballs from its tail onto the red circles. The white ones subsequently shoot out holy energy.

You’ll need to note where the circles have spawned and position yourself away from them to dodge this attack.

Red Glow

Moake glows red then does a complete swipe, striking all players within range. It then raises its tail and charges an AoE attack that has insane high range.

You’ll need to run far away from Moake when he starts to glow red to dodge this attack. Make sure to not run towards Moake after he finishes the first part of the attack, as it’s the second part that’s the real deal.

The AoE attack will practically cover the entire battlefield, so you’ll need to be right at the arena’s edge to dodge it.

Holy Eruptions

Moake will spawn golden circles and rectangles around the arena periodically throughout the fight. These circles and rectangles will eventually erupt, dealing massive damage to any player standing on top of them.

To dodge this attack, you’ll need to fully concentrate on the fight to know where the circles and rectangles are. There will be dozens of them, so keep note of where you’re standing.

Double-Sided Energy Beam

Moake shoots out a green wave of energy from its face and a purple wave of energy from its tail.

To dodge the attack, you need to move either to the left or right of Moake. Make sure not to be standing in front or behind it.

Tail Attack

Moake swipes its tail, damaging all players caught standing behind it. To dodge the attack, you need to either get in front of Moake or run away from him.

Slam Attack

Moake jumps into the air and lands on players near it. He will most likely jump twice before moving on to another attack.

To dodge the attack, as soon as you see Moake leap into the air, run in the opposite direction to where he’s facing.

Freeze Attack

Moake uses a blue AoE attack which freezes its targets momentarily. This is arguably Moake’s deadliest attack, as it’ll leave you completely open to other attacks for a while.

To dodge this attack, run far away from the blue attack indicator. Make sure to dodge this attack no matter what.

Moake Rewards

Moake is a great way to farm end-game gear in the game. It is the only tier 3 World Boss in the game that drops legendary gear.

Below, we’ve listed down every item you can obtain from defeating Moake in Lost Ark.

  • Battle Engraving Recipe (legendary)
  • Battle Engraving¬†Recipe (epic)
  • Bleed (Legendary Rune)
  • Destruction Stone Crystal
  • Guardian Stone Crystal
  • Legendary Ability Stone
  • Legendary XP Card
  • Level 1 Annihilation Gem
  • Level 1 Crimson Flame Gem
  • Omnium Star #5
  • Solar Blessing (Bound)
  • Solar Grace (Bound)
  • Solar Protection (Bound)
  • Twisted Space Earrings
  • Twisted Space Ring
  • Twisted Time Earrings
  • Twisted Time Necklace
  • Twisted Time Ring