Lost Ark Magmadon World Boss Guide

Lost Ark has got you covered if you want to have some fun wandering around, still getting a lot out of your time. In this guide, we will look at Magmadon World Boss in Lost Ark. We will also be talking about where to find it and provide tips to defeat it.

Where to Find Magmadon in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark World Bosses are optional bosses that appear randomly within a fixed area on the map. A group of players can take on this world boss and earn a lot of good loot for defeating it.

Magmadon is a level 50 World Boss which you can fight to get lots of useful loot and resources. You can find Magmadon at The Ruins of Xeneela, towards the South of The City in the Continent of Rohendel.

magmadon boss location

Since world bosses appear at a certain time, you must keep looking out for the timer when it appears, indicating the start of the raid.

How to Defeat Magmadon World Boss in Lost Ark

Though this is a straightforward boss fight, the whole group can launch an all-out attack on the boss. But these attacks can also fail if not executed right. If you and your squad are low-level, you will have difficulty fighting this gargantuan dinosaur-like creature.

The Magmadon initially starts with 52380000 x23 health. Your attacks will work best if you are sticking close to the Magmadon. The whole group should attack to inflict as much damage as possible in a single faceoff.

Magmadon sometimes splits into two small bosses that must be defeated separately. Then, after you have defeated the Mini Magmadons, the giant one will reappear, and you can start fighting it again.

Red AoE will appear on the ground during the fight, which will cause damage if not avoided. There is a safe zone at the center of the AoE. One of its attacks includes smashing both hands on the ground, which will cause icy blue rocks to appear out of the ground at random locations inflicting damage.

Stay close, avoid red AoE, go all out whenever you get the chance, and this way, you will bring the beast down to its knees in no time.

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