Lost Ark Lopang Island Guide

Our comprehensive guide will cover Lopang Island in Lost Ark including its location, all of the main quests and Mokoko seed locations.

Lost Ark is one of the latest action role-playing games in which you do various quests and have fun with your friends as you explore different islands and regions of the game. This guide will cover Lopang Island in Lost Ark.

Where to Find Lopang Island Soul in Lost Ark

Lopang Island is a small island located East of the North Vern Continent, close to Pleccia. Despite it being a small island, it is very good if you are looking for a place to farm tons of silver and a Brahm Ship.

Lost Ark Lopang Island Quests

After you arrive at the Lopang Island, start doing its questline. At some point, you will receive a quest where you have to capture Hopping Boxes which can be found in the western parts of the Island.

You will need to complete 6 daily quests and complete the main questline for the Island to get the quest for the soul.

These quests reward you with tons of silver, so it will be easy silver farming. Once you have finished all the quests on the Island, you will be rewarded with Soul for the Lopang Island.

Where to Find Mokoko Seeds on Lopang Island

There are 3 Mokoko Seeds located on Lopang Island, and we have pinpointed the location for each one of them below.

Mokoko Seed #1

The first seed is located at the bottom of Warehouse 1, where two NPCs are just standing in the barn.

Mokoko Seed #2 and #3

The second and third Mokoko Seeds are both located inside the Lopang Office, located on the north of the Island. Just head into the office; you will find both Mokoko seeds there.

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