Lost Ark Loghill Mokoko Seeds Locations Guide

Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark are a special type of collectibles scattered all across the game’s map. These seeds are hidden in the most challenging spots to find. Loghill is the first wild area of Lost Ark, and it contains eight Mokoko Seeds that you have to discover. This guide will go through the Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark’s Loghill region.

Lost Ark Loghill Mokoko Seeds Locations

Some of the Mokoko Seeds in Loghill are more difficult to find than the other ones. Therefore, you will need to complete some story missions and encounter the game’s first boss to reach these locations.

Two of the most challenging seed locations in Loghill are the Archbishop Statue Ruins and the other one in the Fogwoods Crypt.

The seeds in the Ruins are accessible through the jump function, and they’re usually present behind a wall. For these seeds, it is necessary that you destroy all the monsters in the area and then look for the arrow appearing on the ground near the tree, which allows you to jump.

This will be the pattern you’ll follow for seed locations 1-7. The 8th seed is in another region called the Fogswoods Crypt.

Loghill Mokoko Seed Location #1

While you’re at the Ruins, towards the center of this area, you will find a wall, and behind it will be hidden the first Mokoko Seed. You can access it using the Jump function.

Loghill Mokoko Seed Location #2

Lost Ark Loghill Mokoko Seeds

Near the trees, a green arrow will appear to help you attain the Mokoko Seed in this location.

Loghill Mokoko Seed Location #3-4

Kill the enemies in this area and then head towards the trees. Only after you’ve defeated all the enemies you’ll be able to identify two of the Mokoko Seeds hidden inside these trees.

Loghill Mokoko Seed Location #5

Lost Ark Loghill Mokoko Seeds

You’ll find a Mokoko Seed lying next to some rocks in this location.

Loghill Mokoko Seed Location #6

At the corner of the bridge, next to the wall, acquire this Mokoko Seed when you see the yellow arrow.

Loghill Mokoko Seed Location #7

Head to your east, and inside the forest of trees, you’ll find the seventh Mokoko Seed. Look for the green arrow to help you find it.

Loghill Mokoko Seed Location #8

Lost Ark Loghill Mokoko Seeds

The seed in this region, the Fogwoods Crypt is only available once you have acquired the Song of Minuet later in the game. Look for this seed behind a wall of plants that you’ll have to destroy using the song.

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