Lost Ark Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide

In Lost Ark, the Igrexion Guardian raid is a T3 raid and also the second Level 5 raid. The following...

In Lost Ark, the Igrexion Guardian raid is a T3 raid and also the second Level 5 raid. The following guide will provide all the information necessary to beat this raid, including Igrexion’s mechanics, and ways to counter the boss.

Lost Ark Igrexion Guardian Raid Mechanics

Guardian Raids can be entered either solo or with three other players for a group of four. All the players in the group must have an item level of 1340 or above to take on Igrexion.

In case you need more players, use the “Find Party” or “Matchmaking” features to complete the group and go ahead.

Igrexion has a fairly lower health pool when compared with some of the other Guardian bosses. Defeating him should hence take little time. Igrexion however has several attacks that can one-shot players using either glass-cannon or otherwise squishy builds.

Remember to avoid hitting Igrexion from the front if you are not a Gunlancer. Try to rotate around his rear to keep hitting him, which should require a few tactics because he has a lot of front area attacks. Make sure to not get caught in any of them.

Also, try to predict his next incoming attack by keeping an eye on his body animations. They will give him away all the time, especially during the last phase of the fight.

Igrexion has three phases where he will change his attacks and debuffs in each phase. The phases are:

  • Dark
  • Earth
  • Fire

Dark Phase

During the Dark phase, some attacks will apply a stackable blind debuff on players. Each stack reduces your vision further with every hit.

This phase is a short one and Igrexion switches to Earth very early in the fight. During the transition animation, he gets ready to launch a devastating AoE attack.

Deal stagger damage to avoid the attack or run out of range before the animation ends. The transition starts to happen when Igrexion starts to glow golden and the area around him starts to burn red and gold.

Earth Phase

If you get hit by the AoE, you will be hit by a stacking slow debuff which can be cleared by moving out of the slowing field for three seconds.

When Igrexion is trying to use the slowing aura, a tornado of white light will surround him. This can be blocked by using the stagger abilities and using grenades simultaneously.

Fire Phase

When left with 25% of the HP, Igrexion makes a transition to Fire Phase. It is the most difficult phase of the fight and can be considered a challenge against time. The more time it takes to slay him, the more consumables are going to be used which will further increase the chances of a complete wipeout.

During this phase, Igrexion uses a stacking burning debuff. It stacks up to five minutes and lasts for twenty minutes. Stacks up to many two will start to drain a hell of HP over time. To tackle the situation, use Panacea or Sacred.

A Gunlancer, a Paladin, and a Soulfish have the advantage of using their cleansing ability to remove the debuff stacks over time. This increases the survival time of the party and chances of clearing Igrexion.

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