Lost Ark Guilds Guide

MMOs are much better when you play them with other people. This is where Lost Ark guilds come in and help players unite as we will explain.

MMOs are fun when played solo, but they are much better when you play them with like-minded players with proper communication. This is where guilds come in and help players unite. This guide will help you understand how guilds work in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Guilds

All MMOs are meant to be players with other people, but this is not always possible as sometimes your friends might not have the game, or your squad might not be online at the same time.

This is where Guilds in Lost Ark help you. Guilds allow you to meet new players in Lost Ark and plan and complete quests with them. Being part of a guild allows you to speed up your in-game progression and improve over time with the guidance of other players.

How to Create and Join a Guild

The first thing you need to do to be eligible to join or create a Guild is spend 2,000 silver in the game. Silver is earned by completing quests, and once you have spent 2,000 silver on anything, you can then join or even create your own guild.

To join a guild, go to the Community tab of the game. This is in the bottom right corner of the screen. Here, click on the Guild option and then on the Suggested Guilds tab. Here are the Guilds that you can join. Simply send requests to join any guild you like and if the owner of that guild allows, you will become a member of that Guild. You can also search specific guild if you already know which one you want to join.

To create your own Guild, go to the Create Tab from the Guild menu. Type in the name and a brief description of your guild, then simply hit the create option and you new guild will be ready.

How to Leave a Guild

Sometimes, you might a new guild that is more suitable to you, or your current guild might become stale. To leave your current guild, go to the Guild menu and click on the manage tab here. In the new menu, you will have the option to leave the guild.

You can also simply type “/guildleave” in the chat to leave your current guild.

Player Limit and Levelling up

At the start, your guild can only house 30 players. To allow more then 30 players to join your guild, you need to level up your guild.

To level up your guild in Lost Ark, all guide members need to complete Guild Tasks which are the primary source of EXP for the guild.

These tasks can be set up by the guild masters and can range from menial tasks like fishing to even combating players or mobs.

Secondly, guild members can engage in Guild v Guild (GvG) or even Guild v Environment (GvE) content to earn lots of EXP for their guild.

Benefits of Guilds

For those who still have the question on why they should join a guild, guilds allow players access to a unique shop, guild quests, research tasks and even new skills.

You gain access to GvG and GvE content which is not present for solo players.

Completing guild tasks and helping level up guilds provide many power ups like different skills and better rewards in the settlement shops. You can also purchase different materials for Bloodstones which you naturally earn by completing Guild tasks.

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