Lost Ark Ghost Ship Raid Locations Guide

There are three different tiers of Ghost Ships in Lost Ark for players to board and clear. The following Lost...

There are three different tiers of Ghost Ships in Lost Ark for players to board and clear. The following Lost Ark Ghost Ship Raid Locations guide will confirm just where to find these phantom vessels in the game.

What are Ghost Ships in Lost Ark?

Ghost Ships are some of the endgame activities for players to do in Lost Ark. These raids happen on a weekly basis and provide special crafting materials to help players upgrade and improve their gear. The only problem is that the ships can only be accessed during a specific time in the day.

Lost Ark Ghost Ship Raid Locations

If you open your map, you will see three ships anchored on the western end. They however will only appear after players have unlocked Procyon’s Compass.

The image below will mark their locations for further clarity.

How to Get to Ghost Ships?

You need to be careful when going after Ghost Ships. The surrounding waters are deadly and can prove fatal if players do not have the appropriate resistances.

One option is to wait at the hazardous area and head in just as the ship appears. You don’t need to be in a party to do this. Just go in and you will automatically join other players. The cooperative request will begin soon and then just kill the boss.

Requirements for Ghost Ships

First, you need to unlock Procyon’s Compass to be able to see Ghost Ships. That is done automatically after you unlock the ability to sail.

Furthermore, you need to fulfill the item level requirements to be able to deal any sort of damage. Here are the required item levels for all of the ships.

  • Shadow Ghost Ship: 960
  • Tempest Ghost Ship: 1,370
  • Nightmare Ghost Ship: 460

How to Get Eiburn’s Wound Ship

To get Eiburn’s Wound, you need to complete Una’s Task Bleak Night Fog a dozen times. So, you need to spend 12 whole weeks on this task. Follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the Reputation tab.
  • Select Search Coast Ship option by going to Search Items.

Here, you will see that you can get it as a reputation reward and the Bleak Night Fog quest will increase the reputation. You just need to take your reputation to a level where you can claim Eiburn’s Wound Ghost Ship by completing Bleak Night Fog 12 times.

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