Lost Ark Forest of Giants Guide

There is an abundance of locations in Lost Ark for players to explore for new secrets, items, chests, objectives, and more. One of such locations is The Forest of Giants which will be covered in the following Lost Ark Forest of Giants guide with great detail.

Where to Find Forest of Giants in Lost Ark

Much like every other island in the game, The Forest of Giants will introduce a brand new story arc for players to unfold with new rewards waiting to be earned.

The Forest of Giants is located on Tortoyk Island, just to the east of the Skyreach Steppe. The area is part of the main story campaign so you won’t be able to miss it.

To get access to Tortoyk Island, you first need to reach Level 40 or above and have an upgraded ship for you to sail the waters.

What to Expect in The Forest of Giants

On the island, you will find small creatures called Mokokos which are alive only because of the giant sleeping on the island. That giant is the heart and soul of the island who keeps the island alive.

You will be able to play through a full story arc where you will learn more about the island and save Mokokos from a danger that is about to happen. You can also take part in a secret storyline that takes place in The Forest of Giants.

You will face many enemies in the region which include Bloodshot Cyclops, Hardshell Red Rocks, and Red Mist Sorcerers. The area also notably contains the game’s hardest dungeon which players will likely want to give a try when they are ready.