Lost Ark Excavation Guide

This guide will explain everything to know about Excavation in Lost Ark to help you figure out this fun life skill in the game.

In Lost Ark, players can pursue multiple trade skills to earn money. One of the trade skills is ‘Excavation,’ also known as Archaeology. It is one of the most highly profitable trades while also being quite useful. This guide will explain everything to know about Excavation in Lost Ark.

How to Do Excavation in Lost Ark

For Excavation in Lost Ark, you will be going to the different areas of the map to find and dig up relics and materials. These relics can then be used to make treasure maps, which can then be completed to obtain loads of valuables.

The valuable loot obtained from treasure maps can then be used by yourself or sold to others to make money.

How to Craft Excavating Tools

Excavating in Lost Ark will require access to special excavating tools. These tools will need to be crafted by you. Therefore, you will first need to purchase crafting recipes for Excavating Tools to craft excavating tools.

To purchase them, head to your Stronghold and talk to Jeniff. In addition, excavating Tools crafting recipes require Adventurer’s Seals to be purchased.

Once you have obtained the recipe for a tool, head to the Workshop to craft them. Excavating Tools require crafting kits and materials to be crafted. The higher the rarity of the crafting tool, the better perks it will have.

Excavating Skill Level Milestones Explained

Like many other skills in Lost Ark, there are Skill level milestones for Excavating. When you reach a certain skill level, you will unlock a skill that will provide some advantage while performing that specific skill.

Below we have listed the different Skill Level Milestones that can be unlocked for Excavating in Lost Ark.

  • Sonar: It is available from level 1, and it allows you to locate relics using Sonar. With Sonar, the closer you get to the relic, the more the Sonar radar will beep.
  • Relic Search: Complementing the Sonar Skill, when the Sonar turns purple and beeps rapidly, you can use relic search to reveal the location of close-by relics.
  • Loot Hunter: Unlocked at level 10, this skill creates a chance of digging up treasure chests while excavating.
  • Excavation: This skill is unlocked at level 20 and, after each successful Excavation, increases movement speed by 5%. This can be stacked 5 times for a 25% movement speed increase. When it is stacked 5 times, a mini-game is also activated.
  • Sniffer Dog: The final skill is unlocked at level 30. It allows you to summon a sniffer dog to find hidden relics. The sniffer dog lasts for 180 seconds and increases the drop rate of rare materials. It can be used every 5 minutes.

Which Crafting Materials are Needed for Excavation Tools?

As explained above, crafting the Excavation Tools requires different materials. Several materials will be required to craft different excavation tools. We have listed them below.

  • Strong Iron Ore
  • Crafting Kits
  • Tool Crafting Part
  • Ancient Relic
  • Rare Relic

These items can either be found as loot while doing quests or purchased directly from Auction House using Gold currency.

Excavating Tool Perks Explained

Like many other items in Lost Ark, when you craft an Excavating Tool, it will have a number of different perks/bonuses that will get randomly assigned to it. If you craft a tool and do not get the desired perk, the only way to get it will be to keep crafting that tool until it gets the perk assigned that you wish for.

The higher the rarity of excavating tools in Lost Ark, the more perks it will have. A Rare tool will have 2 perks, an Epic excavating tool will have 3 perks, a Legendary tool will have 4 perks, and lastly, the Relic level tool will have 5 perks assigned to it.

Below is the list of the different perks assigned to an Excavating Tool in Lost Ark.

  • Increased Basic Reward drop rate: This perk increases the basic reward drop rate of a relic.
  • Increased Rare Material drop rate: This perk increases the basic material drop rate of a relic.
  • Super Armor: The super armor perk allows you to excavate relics without getting hit by enemies.
  • Increased Gathering Speed: This perk increases the gathering speed during Excavation.
  • Increases chance for Special Rewards: This perk increases the chance of getting special rewards from a treasure map.
  • Reduced chance of tool durability loss: This perk decreases the durability loss that your tool may face.
  • Reduced mini-game difficulty: This perk decreases the mini-game difficulty of the ‘Excavation’ skill mini-game.
  • Increased mini-game rewards: This perk increases the number of rewards you receive from completing the mini-game.

How to Play the Excavating Minigame

The Excavating Minigame is activated when the ‘Excavation’ skill gets stacked 5 times. In the mini-game, your objective will be to hit the blue sections of the meter with the orange arrow.

You will have 15 seconds to hit the blue section three times. If you complete the mini-game successfully, you will receive more quantities of relic materials.

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