Lost Ark Life Skills Guide

In Lost Ark, your character can learn, invest and master different Life Skills. In addition, players can utilize their Life...

In Lost Ark, your character can learn, invest and master different Life Skills. In addition, players can utilize their Life Skills to acquire various materials and resources used in Crafting. This guide will explain everything related to Life Skills in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Life Skills

At the start of the game, players have access to all six Life Skills and are not limited in which ones they may utilize. Therefore, we have listed all 6 Life Skills below.

These Life Skills basically act as professions in the game. As such, players can specialize in all 6 professions in Lost Ark if they desire.


This Life Skill is focused on finding and digging up relics. The shovel is used as a tool in this skill, and relics are the main focus here.


This Life Skill focuses on gathering Food items. The main tool used in this skill is the Fishing pole.


The main focus of this Life skill is to hunt down animals for food and materials. Traps and Hunting knives are the main tools in this skill.


This Life Skill focuses on gathering wood for Stronghold upgrades. The main tools used in this skill are Lumbering Axe and Saw.


In this Life Skill, your focus is on gathering plants and mushrooms to craft different kinds of potions. Foraging Gloves are the main tool of this skill.


In this Life Skill, you mine minerals and ores to craft bombs and weapons for combat. The main tool here is the Pickaxe.

Benefits of Life Skills

These Life Skills can be utilized to craft different consumables and items and improve your character’s performance and survival. Leveling up the Life Skills requires them to be used frequently and investing in the different abilities the skill has as well.

In Lost Ark, when you craft items using Life Skills, you will receive points. These points can then be used for two purposes: to increase your rank or increase Life Skill abilities. Reaching higher ranks allows you to farm high-level resources. Whereas increasing Life Skill abilities will result in a higher level of Individual Life Skills.

Life Skills or professions also utilize Life Energy. The Life Energy meter has a max capacity of 10,500, and it generates about 4000 per day. So, you will need to keep the energy meter in check when planning your activities in the game.

How to Use Life Skill Tools

To use Life Skills, you will need Life Skill tools. These tools come in different rarities and have random special effects. The two types of Life Skill Tools are green and blue. Green tools are the common ones that increase your rank by 1, while the blue ones are the uncommon ones and increase 2 ranks.

The durability meter on Life Skill Tools depletes when you utilize the skill.

Life Skill Tools can be repaired using silver, although this reduces their maximum durability by a tiny amount every repair. Tools can be sharpened, which maintains their maximum durability by utilizing Crystals. These Crystals can be purchased from the Cash Shop.

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