Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Guide

This guide will give you complete detail of the Drumbeat Island event in Lost Ark and what to do during the event to get cool cosmetics, rewards, and much more.

Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Event

Like any other event in Lost Ark, the Drumbeat Island event takes place once in a while and can be seen Adventure Island tab in the Procyon’s Compass menu.

Click on the compass icon on your screen to bring out a menu with details about every event that takes place in Lost Ark. Click on Appearance Notif Info under the Adventure Island section to look for islands available.

Only three islands are available to visit in a day. If Drumbeat Island is available on the list of Islands, then you will be able to visit it. If it is not available, check the next day to see whether it is available or not.

Where is Drumbeat Island Located?

The island spawns somewhere in North Vern, in the Vern East Sea. So keep sailing in the area and head towards it when it spawns.

The island is very small, and there are a total of TWO quests to complete on the island. Completing these quests will give you loot and a chance of getting Drumbeat Island Token.

Head towards Scholar Orbitan NPC on the island and talk to him to start the quests.

Mysterious Object Quest

In this quest, the Scholar Orbitan NPC will ask you to look for fragments falling from the sky. It is from an object that is about to land on the island soon. Therefore, you are required to head towards the telescopes on the island and interact with them to look for the falling fragments.

Once you have interacted with the telescopes, head back to the NPC to finish the quest and receive 10,000 Pirate Coins.

With Doubt Quest

The With Doubt quest is the main quest of the island, where you will play a mini-game of smashing small-green blob creatures. It is a cooperative quest, and you are given 1000 Gineah Coins and a chance of getting the Drumbeat Token Island.

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