How to Earn Coins of Courage in Lost Ark

Fancy amassing Coins of Courage? The following guide will explain why Coins of Courage are important and how you can...

Fancy amassing Coins of Courage? The following guide will explain why Coins of Courage are important and how you can farm them in Lost Ark.

What are Coins of Courage in Lost Ark?

Coins of Courage, also known as Courage Tokens, are one of the currencies available to Lost Ark players. These coins are obtained by participating in PvP game types such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Team Elimination.

Once you’ve completed the main story questline and attained Level 26 or 27, you’ll be able to play PvP in Lost Ark. You have the choice of participating in your first PvP combat or continuing with the main story questline, “Rebuilding Luterra” to level up and get stronger stats, weapons, and armor.

Based on their current PvP rating, players will be rewarded with Coins of Courage on a weekly basis. If you have a higher PvP rank, then you will get more coins.

How to earn Coins of Courage in Lost Ark?

Players should level up to at least level 26 and undertake the main quest mission. The Proving Grounds which is Lost Ark’s dedicated PvP arena, is introduced in this quest. Once done, users may enter the game through the Bulletin Board or the minimap to combat other Lost Ark players and begin harvesting Coins of Courage.

As you all know that by winning a PvP match, the game gives you some Coins of Courage. It makes no difference whether players compete in what type of match as all match types provide money to the winners. If their rank is greater, they will have better pay.

Players cannot just walk into the arena with a max-level character and expect to win several Coins of Courage. Every PvP participant in Lost Ark is given their own character to personalize as they see appropriate.

Due to the fact that all battling characters are at the same level and thus have the same stats and abilities the only way to win PvP bouts and Coins of Courage is by expertise.

You must note that you will only receive Coins of Courage from PvP matches if your Item Level is above 302. Otherwise, you will receive Tenacious Coins.

How to use Coins of Courage

Coins of Courage, like many other currencies, have their own specific vendor: the Quartermasters who hang around in PvP arenas.

The Quartermasters will most likely give a variety of special prizes, such as auras, player titles, horses, and upgrade materials. If those products belong to Lost Ark’s PvP Season 1, you will only have a limited time to acquire this season’s PvP awards before they are exchanged for Season 2 merchandise.

PvP-oriented players are urged to fight as many duels as possible to save up Coins of Courage.

Players should, however, sell Tenacious Coins to the first merchant they come across. As of this writing, the coins are only good for that.

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