Lost Ark Broad Sea’s Adventure Guide

In this guide, we'll be looking into Lost Ark Broad Sea's Adventure and the rewards it holds for the players.

Setting sails in Lost Ark’s open seas can be challenging but also rewarding at the same time. It is filled with islands to discover and treasures to uncover. In this guide, we’ll be looking into Lost Ark Broad Sea’s Adventure and the rewards it holds for the players.

What are Adventures in Lost Ark?

Voyaging through the glorious seas of Lost Ark guarantees that you will reach new adventures and possibly unlock new treasures. With each achievement, your ships become more stable and gain some heavy resistance against damage.

Apart from those benefits, it’s also always lovely to have your achievement board filled because it shows off all the progress you’ve made so far and how victorious you’ve been in the game. And who doesn’t love a little show-off?

Before we jump into the specific adventure itself, here’s a little explanation for those confused about what treasure maps are.

Also known as Secret Maps, these are unique maps containing specific steps and tentative locations of the treasures and achievements that players can unlock.

How to Complete the Broad Sea’s Adventure in Lost Ark?

To unlock the achievement for the Lost Ark Broad Sea map, players first need to be present in the Sea of Geniah and then proceed from here on.


It is also important to be noted that it is a one-person map meaning it can’t be shared with your friends and can only be done by you.

The map itself doesn’t show where you need to be headed, but don’t worry; we’ve got your back because we will be providing you with the exact location where you need to go.

Open the world map and click where your pointer shows. Then from your allocation, which will be between West Lutera and the Trinitas Sea, start heading towards the northeast. Now resume back to the ocean and follow the direction.

Keep going straight to the northeast until you discover something in the middle of the ocean emitting a golden glow. Approach it, and there you have it! You unlocked the Exploration Report: Eye of the South Sea.

It is a sea bounty which is a collectible item. Alongside it, you’ll also unlock the ‘What Matters’ achievement.

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