Lost Ark Berserker Leveling Guide

Berserkers are one of the best late-game classes in Lost Ark. The drawback of this class is that the leveling...

Berserkers are one of the best late-game classes in Lost Ark. The drawback of this class is that the leveling phase is quite hard and puts off many players from advancing it. This Lost Ark Berserker Leveling guide will help alleviate some of the difficulties and present some easy tips and tricks to make the most of the leveling phase.

Lost Ark Berserker Leveling

Berserkers are great for taking on mobs of enemies single-handedly. They have high nuking/burst potential and very effective area of effect (AOE) abilities. However, their long ability cooldowns and slow mobility make them hard to play at early levels.

We will show you how to counteract these weaknesses and use their advantages to their maximum potential in this guide. So that you can level up faster and more effectively, we will also chart what skills you need and which to upgrade to help you survive Early on.

Berserker Skills to Focus on While Leveling

Skills For Mobility

The most important part of an early-level build is mobility. Berserkers do not lack damage potential they do, however, lack mobility. As a melee attacker fighting mobs, to stop is to die.

You have only one dodge skill for mobility, which coupled with a 10-second cooldown isn’t enough. So, you need to get and upgrade the following skills to counteract that:

  • Shoulder Charge
  • Diving Slash
  • Tempest Slash
  • Whirlwind

Skills To Enhance AoE and Burst Damage

Your strength as a Berserker lies in your AoE abilities and burst potential. So we recommend getting abilities and stats that increase AoE damage and give you a high crit chance and damage. Some skills that benefit you in this regard are:

  • Whirlwind
  • Tempest Slash
  • Hell Blade
  • Red Dust
  • Strike Wave

Lost Ark Berserker Leveling Tips

The best and probably the safest way to level up your Berserker is to play through the main storyline.

Through the main story quests, you get a lot of mobs to fight, giving you a lot of experience, and each completed quest gives you a lot of bonus XP. So, playing through the main questline is an easy, quick- and sure-fire way to level up your Berserker.

You will have a Fury meter as Berserkers, known as the Burst Status. It fills the more you fight enemies. However, since it gets used up very quickly and even has a long cooldown before it starts recharging, it is best to save it for boss fights and areas where you are pinned down.

To increase your survivability and make the most of your skills, you need to ensure you have allocated skill points to the right skills early on. There are a couple of areas you should focus on to cover your weaknesses and enhance your Strength.

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