Lost Ark Bard Leveling Guide

Since there are so many different classes in Lost Ark, it is a huge task levelling up them fast. This guide will help you in leveling up Bard fast in Lost Ark.

Since there are so many different classes in Lost Ark, it is a huge task leveling up them fast. This guide will help you in leveling up Bard fast in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Bard Leveling

Bard is a support class mage character. All of her skills are to help teammates, and this makes it slower to level her up as compared to damage-dealing classes.

Bard’s single target attacking is weak, but she can deal decent AoE attacks. These AoE attacks are all you need to clear out enemies, but the Bard will still struggle against bosses.

Bard Skill Order

The following are the most powerful skills that you need to keep on unlocking as your level up and upgrade. Try unlocking these skills in the order listed.


Dissonance allows you to hit multiple AoE attacks dealing good damage and sows enemies by 60%. Since most of the levelling done is by killing monsters, AoE are important and slowing enemies will allow your support character to retreat if required.


A high DPS attack allowing you to take down tanky enemies and bosses. This move may be lackluster in the start, but once you get to level 10, it will become your go to move to kill heavy enemies.

Stigma: A spell that spawns a fixed circle that deals AoE damage while pursing. This skill allows you to survive even when you are completely surrounded by enemies.

Heavenly Song

A song that buffs your attacks and also increases casting speed. The skill itself has a pretty long cooldown, but it’s worth it. Use of the skill itself is very straightforward.

Ultrasonic Vibrations

The skill provides Bard with Super Armor and also launches all enemies up in the air, allowing you to deal with faster enemies and for crowd control.

Bard Levelling Priority in Lost Ark

Here is a general layout for levelling your skills. Follow this along with the skill order mentioned above to get an idea about general Bard Levelling priority.

From level 10-20, skill up the skills you are using. Do so up till level 4 since it is very easy to unlock the first tripod.

At level 20, unspec and bring Dissonance to level 10 and all other skills to level 4.

At level 30, unspec all points for all skills except Dissonance and level up Soundholic to level 10. You can distribute the remaining points as you like.

From here on, get all the mentioned skills go level 7 or 8. After this, you are good enough to keep on upgrading as you like.

Bard Combos

Main Combo

Stigma followed by Dissonance will be your main combo to deal damage. These skills together will hit the same spot you target, so pick that spot based on the mob. Try placing it between you and oncoming monsters

Secondary Combo

Ultrasonic Vibration followed by Dissonance. You can also use it if Stigma is on cooldown. IT similar to your main combo but not as good because it lacks staying power.

Single Target Combo

Stigma Followed by Dissonance. For a boss fight, you can follow with Heavenly Song, Soundholic and then Dissonance again. Follow this combo with the same priority, as Soundholic after Heavenly Song is your main attack to deal with single targets.

Obstacle Clearing

Stigma or Sound Shock. Both attacks can easily clear obstacles around you.

Bard Levelling Tips

Never waste time. Press T to turn on auto move which allows you to keep moving as you manage your inventory, change skills and even shuffle your items.

Remember to tag mobs. If another player is killing Mobs that you need to kill, simply do a auto attack at the mob and both you and that player will get the credit. This allows you to keep on farming even in heavily populated areas as you can simply share credit with almost everyone.

Sometimes you should focus on using Serenade of Courage to dish out damage and heal via potions.

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