Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Guide

The Azure Wind Island is one of the many Lost Ark Islands that most players are visiting to get Island...

The Azure Wind Island is one of the many Lost Ark Islands that most players are visiting to get Island Tokens. In this guide, we will tell you complete details about the island, like its location and how you can get the Island Token.

Where to Find Azure Wind Island in Lost Ark

This Island is not much difficult to find in Lost Ark. The only difficulty in reaching that island is it is located in the middle of a Tempest Sea that has hazardous water, which can damage your ships severely.

The only thing you will need to make sure of while attempting to go to this Island is you have a ship that has protection against that environment.

Once you have that ship, you can simply go to the west side of the map down the fourth quadrant. You can find this island off the coast of the continent of Yorn in the Arutus Sea.

Get to the Island with your ship and dock it to get access to this Island.

How to Get Azure Wind Island Token in Lost Ark

For getting the Azure Island Token, you will need to do a lot of quests. There are around thirty hidden quests that you will need to do to get the Token.

First of all, you will need to complete the four required quests, and they are given below in the order you will need to complete them in the Lost Ark.

  • Dying Horse
  • The Mane of the Azure Wind
  • Once Filled With Flowers
  • The Meadow Fairy

After completing these quests, the real part begins, in which you need to collect a lot of wooden horse statues. All these horse statues are going to give you quests to complete.

These quests are divided into four categories that are given below.

  • Sprints: These are quests in which you have to reach a marked location in the given amount of time.
  • Riddles: These are simple questions you will need to answer in Lost Ark. You can always try again if you get it wrong.
  • Puzzles: These are simple quests in which you have to move objects in a specific pattern to solve the puzzle.
  • Emotes/Songs: Some horses will require you to play songs for completing the side quests.

After completing all these tasks, players will be given access to the Buried in Flowers quest. In addition, the Azure Wind Island token is given to you as a reward for completing the Buried in Flowers quest in Lost Ark.

You are also going to find five Mokoko Seeds on this Island. These seeds are spread throughout the Azure Wind Island in the Lost Ark.

Not just the Token and Mokoko Seed, you will also find the Cloud Seed mount and the Wind Mane Mustang mount by completing the chain of the quests here.

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