Lost Ark An Important Record Quest Guide

'An Important Record' is one of the many quests you are going to find in Lost Ark. This quest is...

‘An Important Record’ is one of the many quests you are going to find in Lost Ark. This quest is given to you by an NPC at Shadow Island. This guide will tell you complete details about getting and completing that quest in Lost Ark.

How to get An Important Record Quest in Lost Ark

To get this quest, you will need to be at least level 50 or higher and have the sailing ability. You also have to make sure that you have completed the Debris Gatherer quest.

Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you can head to Shadow Island and speak with Ryndon to start this quest.

How to Complete an Important Record Quest

For completing this quest, you have to do two simple things. The first is to defeat Rictus on the fifth floor of the Tower, and the second is to bring back Leshar’s Record.

Defeating Rictus at Fifth Floor of Tower

You have to use stairs to go to the fifth floor of the Tower and defeat Rictus. The Spiral stairs will take you to the fifth floor of the Tower.

You will also encounter some enemies on the floors in between, but you can ignore them and continue to reach the fifth floor.

Once you reach the fifth floor, you may see that Rictus is not there, and instead, you will encounter another boss, Alifer, with a giant mace. This boss is quite easy to defeat, so it shouldn’t cause much trouble for you. Rictus appears once you defeat Alifer.

It is advised to fight this boss as a group, making it far easier than a solo attempt. Once the boss appears, you have to attack him and the other players, and eventually, the boss will fall. Once the boss is down, you will get Lesher’s Record.

Take Lesher’s Record to Ryndon

To complete the quest, you have to take Lesher’s Record down to Ryndon, the NPC who gives you this quest. This will complete the quest, and now you can collect your rewards.


You will be rewarded with the following items for completing this quest.

  • Wisdom +3
  • Silver x2100
  • Roaster XP 210
  • Lavish Harmony Leapstone Chest x1
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest x4
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest x17

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