Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath Walkthrough

Explore the Vast area of Upper Calrath, gather some fantastic loot, and defeat enemies.

Upper Calrath is one of those massive areas that you will get to discover during your playthrough in Lords of the Fallen. You will also be able to salvage a lot of good items by exploring this particular area. Like all areas, you will also have to deal with the enemy bosses stationed here.

The Upper Calrath is a wide area and is divided into two portions. The first portion is the Upper Calrath A, which will have the Vestige of Doln. The enemy you will face here will be the Spurned Progeny. After that, you will be able to visit the Upper Calrath B area, which will have the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian.

As the Calrath area is quite large and houses many important items, there is no right way to explore it. I will be talking about all the items you will be able to collect while exploring the Upper Calrath.

How to get to Upper Calrath in LOTF

There are some requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to get to the Upper Calrath area. These will involve you defeating two enemy bosses, and the first one that you will have to face is the Spurned Progeny.

This enemy will have a giant head and will resort to basic attacks during the first phase. You will need to be careful during the second phase because the Spurned Progeny will use powerful attacks like spitting lava projectiles, summoning large fire orbs, etc.

After taking down this specific enemy boss, you will be able to access the Vestige of Doln. You must head through the mine area, Sunless Skein, and follow the path until you reach a large gate. This gate is locked, so turn left, follow the stairs, and go through the passage on your right side.

You will also come across another locked gate. However, you can get past this locked gate by using your Umbral Lamp if you have acquired the Antediluvian Chisel and upgraded your lamp as well.

This way, you will reach a wooden platform that will break, and you will get to the lower portion. There, you can enter the Umbral realm and keep going forward until you reach a bridge. Cross that bridge and go to the stairs to get to the upper area from where you crashed earlier in LOTF.

You will discover a lever there that you can use to unlock the iron bar gate. Go through that specific gate, cross the Poison water, and then climb the ladder on the other side. Then, you can use Soulflay to rotate the platform in your direction and then reposition the ladder beneath it.

Furthermore, you can continue forward with your exploration and acquire the Sunless Skein Key. Follow the stairs on your right side, and after reaching an open area, you will have to fight against another enemy.

This time, it will be the second enemy boss known as the Skinstealer in Lords of the Fallen. You can watch out for its attacks and then use your powerful strikes to deal damage. Eventually, you will be able to defeat the Skinstealer, and up ahead, you will discover a lift. You can get on this lift, and it will take you to the Upper Calrath area.

Activate Vestige of the Forgotten

The Elevator will transport you directly to the Upper Calrath area so you can discover the Vestige there. It will be called the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian in LOTF. After you activate it, you can access the door, which lies in the opposite direction of the lift you just arrived in.

Obtain a Map of Upper Calrath

Once you step out into the open and explore that area, you will also find the Map of Upper Calrath. This will prove to be resourceful during the rest of the exploration in this particular area.

You can also enter Umbral at that place to discover any hidden items; you will notice one item on a body present on the door. You can then Soulflay that body and salvage the weapon called Blacksmith’s Pride in Lords of the Fallen.

Defeat Infernal Enchantress

If you continue onwards, you will come across various enemies, including the Infernal Enchantress. This enemy will target you precisely with ranged fireball attacks so you can evade those and take her out. Once you have cleared the path, you can also salvage Fire Ward (3x) along the way as well.

You will be able to spot a ledge towards your right end so you can go to it and proceed to jump to the other side. Continue from that point to where you fought the Infernal Enchantress earlier.

There, you will be able to collect another valuable item, which will happen to be Queen Verena II’s Ring, so make sure you do not miss out on finding this item.

Use Effigy and enter the Arena

Moving on, you can follow the blue roots in that area and then Soulflay these to open the door ahead in the Upper Calrath area. After entering that place, you can then use Effigy in Lords of the Fallen. This way, you will be able to return to Axiom.

Before you do that, make sure to collect another essential item, which will be present next to the Effigy itself. This item will be the Oathbreaker Tinct. To be more precise, it can be found near the entrance to an arena in LOTF.

You can follow this entrance and deal with the Ruiner and some demonic hounds who will be standing guard in that area of the Upper Calrath. You can take your time in dealing with these enemies and then look around the arena.

During your exploration, you will be able to salvage items such as the Fire Ward (3x), Bleed Salts (3x), Ammunition Satchel, and Manastone Cluster (2x) from this particular place.

You can then make your way to the staircase and go towards the broken section. Enter Umbral in Upper Calrath, and you will be able to spot the stigma, so you can simply Soulflay it and collect Umbral Scouring (2x) in Lords of the Fallen.

Take down the Womb of Despair

After that, you can jump towards the other side and move onwards to find a Womb of Despair. Take it down, and after doing that, you will be able to reach the next Beacon in LOTF.

If you look towards the right side where you took down the Womb of Despair earlier, you will discover a body with an item. This item will be the Rhogar Oil Flask, salvage it and head in the right direction.

Find the Beacon

Along the way, you will come across another infernal enchantress and some hounds, so kill them and find the Beacon at that place in the Lords of the Fallen Upper Calrath. Remember that after you discover the Beacon, you will have the option to cleanse it or leave it be.

Moreover, there will be another body behind this beacon. Go towards it, and you will be able to collect Bleed Salts (x3) from it in Lords of the Fallen.

Then, you can head back and take the path that heads in the right direction and also enter Umbral. This way, you will be able to spot the next stigma. As usual, you can Soulflay it and collect Umbral Scouring. Continue ahead until you finally reach a dead end in the Upper Calrath. However, if you look below, you will spot a canopy so that you can jump down on it in LOTF.

There will be a ladder present towards your right end and a body as well. You can simply Soulflay both of these to move the platform. Then, you can reach that platform and find another ladder there. Now, you will need to climb this one, and after you get to the upper area, you can move left.

Get the Calrath Guardsman set

This way, you will come across a large chest which you can open to receive the following rewards, including Calrath Guardsman Armor, Calrath Guardsman Helm, Calrath Guardsman Gauntlets, and also the Calrath Guardsman Trousers in LOFT. If you climb down the ladder, you can also discover another hidden door that will lead you back to the arena.

Similarly, you will find a staircase towards the right side. There will also be a path to the left side, which you can follow first to find a body. From that body, you can receive Ignite Cure (2x) and then return to head over the staircase you left earlier on the right side in the Upper Calrath in Lords of the Fallen.

Get the Noblewoman set

After reaching the upper level, you can follow the corridor and find a door at the end. Open this door, and inside, you can find some wooden barrels and jars of various sizes as well. You can explore this section and take out any nearby enemies such as Fire Mangler, etc.

You will also be able to discover another key item here, which will happen to the Armor pieces of the Noblewoman Dress, Noblewoman Headwear, Noblewoman Sleeves, and lastly, the Noblewoman Leggings in Lords of the Fallen.

Moreover, during your search of that area, you will also find an invisible wall. You will be able to pass through it by using the Umbral Lamp in Axiom. This path will act as a shortcut for you to reach the Trapper.

Meet the Iron Wayfarer

If you look towards the left side, you will also observe the Iron Wayfarer near the stairs. After you have dealt with the Trapper, you can approach the Iron Wayfarer and speak with him. Then, he will move to another place, so you can then follow the path on your right to reach an open area.

Head to the Courtyard

This time around, you will come across a broken bridge that you can fix by using Soulflay to move a nearby body and complete the pathway. You can repeat this process to remove the thorns in your path with another body.

This way, you will eventually end up in the courtyard, so you can explore that area and find a body. From that body in Upper Calrath, you can salvage Wither Salts (2x) in LOTF. Moreover, if you have entered Umbral, you will spot another stigma, which you can then Soulflay to receive Umbral Scouring.

If you go left, you will find a body which you can also Soulflay next to salvage another important item. This will be the Melted Dark Crusader Sword. The way ahead will be broken so you can use the bodies nearby to create a platform for you to cross.

After that, you can go near the stairs and drop down to the lower platform. From there, you can get the Graveyard Frog Spell in LOTF. Now, you can get back into Axiom and continue with your exploration of the Upper Calrath. Head right from that place, and you will be able to collect Large Deralium Shards (x2) along the way.

Moreover, as you progress forward, you will also have to face enemies such as hounds, Mangler, etc. You will also observe a body hanging from a tree, so use Soulflay to bring it down, and on closer inspection, this item will be a Moth Ring for you to salvage.

Umbral Eye of the Bloody Pilgrim

Then, you can make your way to the building ahead and find the Iron Wayfarer inside at a new location. However, you can enter Umbral and spot a body on the wall inside the building. Use Soulflay on the body, and you will end up receiving the Umbral Eye of the Bloody Pilgrim in LOTF.

Once you have spoken to the Iron Wayfarer again, you can follow the path on your left. This way, you will come across another ammunition item called the Banner Javelin of Assault. If you continue to follow the path, you will also see a ladder ahead. Climb it, and doing so will lead you to the Skyrest Bridge area.

You will need to stick to the path and enter a building which will have a large staircase. Take that way, and on the upper floor, you will find the item called the Cavalry Pendant.

The Skyrest Bridge is also an important area that you will discover while exploring the Upper Calrath area. You will get to meet certain NPC characters, such as Andreas of Ebb Stomund and Captain of the Fidelis. From these NPCs, you will be able to obtain the Fief Key and the Pilgrim’s Perch Key in LOTF.

Upper Calrath Key Items in LOTF

There are a lot of key items that you can discover during your exploration of the Upper Calrath Area in Lords of the Fallen. To sum up all of these key items, you will find them listed below.

  • Weapons: You will be able to find two weapons while exploring the Upper Calrath area in Lords of the Fallen. These will include the Blacksmith’s Pride and the Melted Dark Crusader Sword.
  • Rings: You can discover two rings in the Upper Calrath area. These will include the Queen Verna II’s Ring and the Moth Ring in LOTF.
  • Tinct: Oathbreaker
  • Ammunition: You can collect the following items: Rhogar Oil Flask, Cursed Dart, and the Banner Javelin of Assault at the Upper Calrath area.
  • Armor: There are a total of eight armor pieces that you can discover in the Upper Calrath area.
  • Calrath Guardsman Armor
  • Calrath Guardsman Helm
  • Calrath Guardsman Gauntlets
  • Calrath Guardsman Trousers
  • Noblewoman Dress
  • Noblewoman Headwear
  • Noblewoman Sleeves
  • Noblewoman Leggings
  • Spells: Graveyard Frog
  • Umbral Eyes: Umbral Eye of the Bloody Pilgrim
  • Pendants: Cavalry Pendant
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