Lords Of The Fallen Best Umbral Build

The best Umbral Build in LOTF to make your journey easier.

The Umbral realm is a harsh and unforgiving hellscape dominated by dark specters, so you need the best Umbral build in Lords of the Fallen to survive easily. Those risking life and limb to trudge through the unforgiving realm to learn its secrets are well rewarded.

Umbral warriors employ a mix of Radiant and Inferno proficiency to unlock a brand-new school of magic. The Umbral School of Sorceries in LOTF offers players a unique and unholy class to tackle the game. But none of this matters if you don’t know the best combination. To help you out, I just came up with the best Umbral build.

Best Starting Class for Umbral Bishop Build

When starting, there isn’t an Umbral-specific starting class available. The Putrid Child is locked behind the new game, assuming you have a specific ending. Therefore, you must compromise in the meantime. Pick the Condemned if you want to have no wasted stats and allocate them as you wish for perfect min-maxing.

Personally, though, I would recommend going for the Orian Preacher. There’s a good reason for this. The early game is quite favorable to Radiance builds since many weapons and spells are Radiant-oriented.

Secondly, good umbral spells take time to unlock, and you need high radiance down the line anyway. Capitalize on the early game radiance benefits and level up Inferno to slowly phase out of pure radiance to Umbral.

The stats below show what an endgame distribution at level 110 should look like. Inferno and Radiance in tandem are your primary damage stats in this Lords of the Fallen build. Endurance and Vitality are secondary, but don’t neglect them too much, considering HP and stamina are crucial too.


Best Equipment

  • Weapons: Fungus-Encrusted Pickaxe x2 (Dual Wield)
  • Catalyst: Lost Berescu’s Catalyst
  • Armor: Neophyte Hood, Sovereign Protector Armour, Holy Bulwark Gauntlets, and Crimson Rector Leggings
  • Amulet: Hysteria Pendant and Pendant of Atrophy
  • Rings: Barrage Root, Puissance Root, and Bloodbane Ring
  • Runes: Dimexus, Mhakev, and Dhalwe

The Armor pieces are chosen to grant a perfect mix of physical and radiant resistance, which is relatively prevalent in both PvP and PvE instances.

The Fungus Encrusted pickaxe sports a mix of Physical and Wither damage. Not only that, but its innate Poison Attribute is high at 150. Any time you dual-wield, a single flurry is enough to trigger the status, making it an all-around solid pick.

Being a specialized umbral scaling weapon that you can farm is the cherry on top for this Lords of the Fallen build. Lost Berescu’s Catalyst is the best Umbral catalyst for the job and grants the most spell slots capped at 5.

Your amulets are straightforward in boosting magic damage and utility. The Pendant of Atrophy helps maintain a consistent stream of magic spam. The damage from your spells automatically restores large portions of the wither inflicted by casting at a deficit.

Your rings can also be either pure spell-oriented or partly weapon-oriented. We don’t need too many spells for this build, so the Barrage Root is a staple since the damage boost offsets the tradeoff. If you’d instead lean more towards spells, then keep the Puissance Root for the spell damage buff.

However, the Bloodbane Ring stacks significantly with the Fungus-Encrusted Pickaxe, especially when you dual-wield. Considering you also have a spell to boost the weapon’s capabilities further, I’d say it’s worth equipping.

Your runes are similarly straightforward, simply bolstering your overall umbral damage and returns via dual-wielding damage in LOTF.

Spells for best Umbral Build

  • Latimer’s Javelin
  • Barrage of Echoes
  • Poison Weapon
  • Painful Echo

Poison Weapon stacks with Fungus-Encrusted Pickaxe’s in-built poison damage, allowing you to proc poison at a much faster rate. Painful Echo is an efficient crowd-clearing spell with a deficient proportion of damage to mana cost.

You cast an orb that bounces between pairs or larger groups of enemies multiple times, creating utter pandemonium.

Latimer’s Javelin will be your main long-range sniping tool. A potent spell that throws an explosive javelin that explodes upon impact for crowd control. The javelin can travel long distances, and the damage is superb. The javelin also deals Physical damage and has a relatively quick casting speed, the only downside being the mana cost.

Barrage of Echoes serves as your main damaging umbral spell at close and mid-range, lobbing multiple umbral orbs at foes. The damage on this spell is very high as is, but to maximize damage further, it’s best to aim at the ground and go close to the enemy.

Fire the spell, and all the orbs will explode at the same spot before they can diverge. The resulting damage is fantastic, and considering it only takes up 39 mana for it, the spell’s a bargain.

All in all, the best Umbral build in Lords of the Fallen is centered around damage in all forms. When you’re not busy summoning an umbral storm on your opponents, you’ll be busy eviscerating them with the pickaxe.

Toss in Poison Weapon to further enhance your weapon’s innate poison attribute, and watch as the health melts. With utility at all ranges and a deadly arsenal at your disposal, turtling may not be in the cards, but that’s because you won’t need to.

This build ensures you are always on the offensive and clearing waves of enemies and bosses alike with great ease in LOTF.

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