Lords Of The Fallen Soft Caps Explained

Should you continue to level up after reaching the Soft Cap?

In Lords of the Fallen, Soft Caps is basically a point after which the bonus you receive from leveling up will start to reduce. Different stats will have different soft and hard caps, after which leveling up will not do you any good.

To help you understand this system so you can stop leveling up some stats when not needed, we have prepared this guide.

Understanding Limits – Soft and Hard Cap

Soft caps are the limit or a certain level at which the increasing rate of some stat will get lower. This affects the stats shown on the right side of the screen during upgrading, i.e., Resistance. After the Soft Cap, the stat rate can change until you reach the point of the Hard Cap.

Hard Cap cuts off the increase completely. That is defined as the maximum limit of the stat. Here’s the list of all Hard and Soft Caps in Lords of the Fallen.

AttributeSoft CapHard Cap
  • Until Soft Cap, each level-up can increase the stat according to the set rules.
  • When the Soft Cap limit is reached, the leveling up yields less return in defense and resistance.
  • At Hard Cap, which is the fixed level 75 for most, the stats only increase once per five level-ups.

Should you reach the Limit of Soft Caps?

Due to less output after hard caps, it is advised to slow down the leveling up after soft caps and then completely halt at Hard Caps. It is not easy for players to reach this limit, as only the hardcore fans who want to get the highest possible level may be able to achieve this.

A normal gameplay without this effort can also be quite similar. This is why focus less on offensive stats like Strength, Inferno, Agility, and Radiance. You don’t need them high at the start of the Lords of the Fallen, thus preventing the limit of Soft Caps.

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