How To Unlock All Secret Classes In Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen locks 4 secret classes behind certain activities that you can unlock if you complete them.

Lords of the Fallen gives you access to 9 base classes when you start the game. These will serve you well for the majority of your experience. But did you know there are 4 hidden secret classes in Lords of the Fallen?

These classes will require some grinding to unlock. Some can only be unlocked after completing the game in a certain way. Let’s dive deeper into what must be done to unlock these classes. 

How to Unlock Dark Crusader class in Lords of the Fallen

The Dark Crusader Class is one of the secret classes already available if you have bought the Deluxe Edition for Lords of the Fallen. If not, you must go through a lengthy process to obtain it. 

You must go through the Paladin Questline. To pick up this questline, you must first pick up the Flayed Skin item in Lords of the Fallen. This item can be acquired very early in the game.

You can find The Flayed Skin after your first fight with the Lightreaper. From the arena, take a right towards the Broken Bridge. You can find this item near the bridge. Afterward, you can go to the Exactor Dunmire to pick up the quest. You will need to observe certain Stigmas from that point on. Here are the locations where you can observe them; 

  • Starting of Lower Calrath, grants you the Wooden Dark Crusader Cross. 
  • Starting of Fief of the Chill Curse. 
  • At Fief of the Chill Curse, after the Lightreaper fight arena. 
  • Path of Devotion. 

After the final Stigma has been observed, an arena will be unlocked. You will need to defeat the Umbral version of Isaac to receive the Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin. 


Return to the Abandoned Redscope where you can use the Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin to unlock a blocked Umbral path. 

To put all this effort in simple terms, pick up the Flayed Skin from its location. Go to the Exactor Dunmire in Skyrest Bridge and follow his questline through to the end. 

The Dark Crusader Class will have the following perks; 

  • Weapons – Paladin Isaac’s Sword, Radiantburst Parchment, and Throwing Hand. 
  • Armor – Paladin Armor (includes Paladin Helm, Paladin Armor, Paladin Gauntlets, Paladin Leggings) 
  • Pendants and Rings – Paladin’s Pendant 
  • Consumables – Sanguinarix 

How to unlock Lord Class in Lords of the Fallen 

The Lord Class is one of the special secret classes for those who want to use Inferno Spells extensively in Lords of the Fallen. This class comes with a high Inferno rating, which ultimately goes in tandem with spells. To unlock this class, you must first complete the game and achieve the Inferno Ending. 

This is an alternate ending where you will be siding with Adyr. You will progress through the main storyline to achieve this ending, but this time, ignore the beacons instead of cleansing them. On your visit to the Abbey of Hallowed Sisters, pick up the Rune of Adyr.

You will then need to defeat Iron Wayfarer at Bramis Castle. Then progress until you have defeated the Sundered Monarch. The god will then turn your Rune into the Empowered Rune of Adyr. Go towards each of the five beacons and use the Empowered Rune.

Judge Cleric will then transform into her true self, Judge Iselle. Interact with her and free Adyr. The Inferno Ending will be achieved, and your class will change from the one you initially selected. 

If you wish to continue with the Lord Class, restart the game again, and you will find it in the starting classes.

The Lord Class comes with the following: 

  • Weapons – Lord Axe and Lord Catalyst 
  • Armor – Lord Armor Set
  • Spells – Adyr’s Endurance, Infernal Weapon, and Infernal Slash
  • Pendants and Rings – Ring of Bones and Ring of Duty
  • Consumables – Sanguinarix and 5x Large Manastone Clusters

How to unlock the Putrid Child Class in Lords of the Fallen

The Putrid Child Class demands the Umbral Ending for it to be unlocked. One must go through a series of complex tasks to achieve the Umbral Ending. The Umbral Ending is triggered when you refuse Adyr and Orius, and side with the Putrid Mother. 

The Putrid Mother will use you for combining the Umbral and Axiom Realms. In doing so, she will rule over both the domains. To interact with the Mother, you must proceed until you fight Harrower Dervla, the Pledged Knight.

Locate a well behind the arena. This is where you will be spending most of your time now. Go to the Skyrest Bridge and buy the Scouring Clump for 1000 Vigor from Molhu. Go back to the well, and you should be able to travel to an underworld using the Clump, where the Mother will be waiting for you.

She will appear to be very friendly. You will then need to go on a killing spree of some important NPCs in the game. In doing so, the Mother will get stronger with every kill until she is strong enough to claim both the domains for herself.

At the end of this ending, your character will die eventually as the Mother unleashes herself. Upon restarting the game, you will find the Putrid Child Class unlocked among the Class options. 

The Putrid Child comes along with the following:

  • Weapons – Putrid Child Sword and Putrid Child Catalyst. 
  • Armor – Putrid Child Armor Set
  • Spells – Lingering Despair, Putrefaction, and Diminishing Missile. 
  • Pendants and Rings – Pendant of Parting 
  • Consumables – Sanguinarix and 5x Large Manastone Clusters. 

How to unlock the Radiant Purifier Class in the Lords of the Fallen

The Radiant Purifier class is unlocked when you achieve the default ending. If you do what you’re supposed to do in the game and achieve the Radiant Ending (the default one), the Radiant Purifier Class will be unlocked.

The Radiant Ending is offered if you cleanse all five beacons, rid the world of Adyr, and hand the reigns over to Orius, all according to the Judges’ will. Your character will sacrifice themselves to save the world from Adyr’s torment. If you do so, the Radiant Purifier Class will await you in your Class options once you restart the game. 

The Radiant Purifier Class has access to the following mentioned perks; 

  • Weapons – Radiant Purifier Polearm and Radiant Purifier Catalyst
  • Armor – Radiant Purifier Armor Set
  • Spells – Piercing Light, Healing Spell, and Aura of Tenacity
  • Pendants and Rings – Empyrean Pendant 
  • Consumables – Sanguinarix and 5x Large Manastone Clusters.  

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