How To Defeat Ruiner In Lords Of The Fallen 

The Ruiner is a highly defensive boss in Lords of the Fallen that needs some patience to take down.

As you travel from Forsaken Fen to Fitzroy’s Gorge, many hurdles will come your way, including hounds, trappers, and an optional boss [Crimson Rector Percival]. But the main thing blocking you from progressing in the storyline will be the main boss, Ruiner, in Lords of the Fallen. He may not be huge, but his fire-based weapons and bull-like charges make him a nightmare.

In this guide, you will learn the Ruiner’s location, his attacks, and the easiest way to eliminate this annoying boss in Lords of the Fallen. 

Ruiner Location in Lords of the Fallen 

ruiner location lords of the fallen

Ruiner guards the main bridge in Fitzroy’s Gorge on the way to Lower Calrath. You can locate this bridge by starting your journey from the Vestige of the Pale Butcher (the first after the Hush Saint Boss).  

  • Run a few steps ahead and use your Umbral Lamp at the metal gate to phase through it. Beware of the Remnant sitting beside the gate as you approach the next area. 
  • As you reach the water body in your path, a hungry hound will be waiting for you on the other side. Run past the beast and continue your journey ahead.  
  • Two more hounds and a Raw Mangler will try to engage you, followed by another pair of Hounds after a few steps on the cliff. At this point, you will already have entered the Fitzroy’s Gorge. 
  • Cross the cliff area and use the Lamp to phase through the metal gate leading to a long cavern. 
  • Phase through another gate and keep heading forward until you reach the other corner of the cavern.  
  • Use your Umbral Lamp to cross a wooden bridge, then approach the lower area from the stone hurdle, as shown in the image below. You can recognize this path from the yellow blinking light on the other side. 
  • Now use the Vestige Seed from the fight with Percival Boss at the second ladder platform (which you’ll use to get to the lower ground).  
  • Walk a few more steps ahead, and then turn right to exit the cavern. The Ruiner’s bridge will be on the left side as you run alongside the cliff. It’s time to ruin the Ruiner! 

Ruiner Boss Fight Guide

lords of the fallen ruiner boss fight guide

The first thing to remember is that the fighting area is very limited, so you must take your steps carefully. Your survival will heavily depend on how good and timed your dodges are and how efficiently you execute your strikes on your enemy.  

The best thing about the Ruiner is that he has only one phase throughout the fight. The most effective way to cheese Ruiner in combat is to apply poison whenever possibleAs soon as the boss finishes his first charging attack, you should apply poison to him that will slowly reduce his health.

For the remaining part of the combat, you will mostly be dodging and parrying the opponent’s attacks and only attack when you feel safe. The boss takes no damage head-on, as his shield takes all the damage for him.


So, the best way to deal damage is to dodge his attacks first and then counter them with your strikes at his back. Don’t forget to apply poison repeatedly throughout the fight, as it wears off after a few seconds of its application. 

It is worth noting that unlike many battles you have fought so far, this one demands patience instead of aggression. You must take as little damage as possible and stay away from the boss, especially during his turn of attacks.

You have to finish the totem as a priority, as it strengthens the boss’s fiery nature and helps him do repeated fire-based attacks. Successfully resisting Ruiner’s fire attacks will also deal damage back to himself, giving you an advantage over your opponent. 

Rinse and repeat the dodge-and-attack technique throughout the fight while applying consistent poison. It will take you only a few minutes before the boss comes to the ground, dead. 

Ruiner Rewards in Lords of the Fallen 

Defeating the Ruiner boss in Lords of the Fallen is no ordinary feat, and the person doing so deserves suitable rewards in return. Thus, the game offers you the following rewards for beating the beast: 

  • Ruiner Shield 
  • Ruiner Sleeves 
  • Vestige Seed 

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