How to defeat Red Reaper in Lords of the Fallen

When the eye turns red, you will face the wrath of the lethal Red Reader in Lords of the Fallen

You will be chased by a Red Reaper in Lords of the Fallen after your dread counter turns red. You will encounter this reaper at the menacing Umbral Realm location. This is a formidable opponent that can ruin your day quickly. Although you can leave the area to prevent dealing with such creatures, staying here will net you a good amount of Vigor.

Defeating the Red Reaper can net you a decent amount of Vigor in Lords of the Fallen, and you can defeat them repeatedly to farm vigor. Here is how you can defeat them.

Strategy to defeat the Red Reaper in Lords of the Fallen?

The Red Reaper is also referred to as Scarlet Shadow in Lords of the Fallen. This enemy is one of the most difficult encounters in the game. The worst thing about this Umbral Native is that it respawns its doppelganger when facing you. Below, we have compiled the best way to defeat the Red Reaper.

1) Ensure you have consumables stocked

When you face the lethal Red Reaper, you will be ambushed from all sides with little room for healing. So, the best way to survive longer in this fight is by equipping the Briostone quick access item, as it will heal you over time. Additionally, you can equip a Forsaken grenade, as it will release a cloud of poisonous gas when impacted. This will cause the Reaper to receive a lot of punishment during the fight.

2) Use explosive spells

The Red Reaper (Scarlet Shadow) is quite vulnerable to explosions. So, use explosive spells such as Magma Surge against him. This spell allows you to summon lava from the ground, leaving a lingering damage effect on the enemy coming in contact with it.

3) Soulflay the Red Reaper into a chasm

Soulfaying the enemy into a chasm will kill them on the spot, but he won’t make your job any easier. He is quite aggressive and goes underground each time you try to perform the move.


Since the Umbral Map is difficult to hook itself with the target, it will take a few seconds before you get used to timing the Soulflay. The best moment to perform the Soulflay is when the Reaper has executed his biggest attack.

Lords of the Fallen Red Reaper Drops

After defeating the Red Reaper or the Scarlet Shadow in Lords of the Fallen, you will be rewarded with the following drops:

  • 3100x Vigor (Resource)
  • Umbral Eye of Marco the Axe
  • 5x Umbral Scouring

Lords of the Fallen Red Reaper Exploit 

There is an exploit for defeating the Red Reaper. Simply start by killing the enemies in the realm. There are two snipers in the area, with one on the platform above and the other below on the right. Wait for the eye to turn red and start climbing down the ladder on the right platform.

Move halfway down and let the Red Reaper summon. He follows you down to the platform and falls below while you are still on the ladder. Wait for three minutes for him to respawn, and repeat the same method. You will cheese the Red Reaper easily and can stay there to farm vigor from him repeatedly in Lords of the Fallen.

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