Lords Of The Fallen Best Strength Radiance Build

This Strength Radiance build blends Crowd Control, Healing, and Great damage into one bundle to create a devastating spell sword champion.

Radiance build in Lords of the Fallen is more supportive but can also capitalize on the innate benefits of radiance to synergize with Strength. Radiance is one of the main mana governing stats alongside Inferno.

While Inferno is generally more geared towards pure damage, Radiance offers a plethora of utility-enhancing spells ranging from damage reduction, healing, crowd control, buffs, and direct damage dealing.

Plenty of weapons scales with a mix of Radiance and Strength, leading to some interesting, goliath-type build.

Best Starting Class for Radiance build

The Orian Preacher stands out because of its above-average initial Radiance stat at 18. You also get some neat spells, so consider picking this and investing in the other stats as you go.

The stats below show what an endgame distribution at level 100 should look like. Radiance and Strength take precedence. Endurance and Vitality are slightly lower priority but shouldn’t be neglected for their survival utility.


Best Equipment for Radiance build in LOTF

  • Weapons: Ravager Gregory’s Sword and Justice or Bloody Glory
  • Catalyst: Exacter Scripture
  • Armor: Pieta’s Helm, Sovereign Protector Gauntlets, Sovereign Protector Leggings, and Sovereign Protector Armour
  • Amulet: Hysteria Pendant, Cavalry Pendant, and Hallowed Triptych
  • Rings: Puissance Root and Manastone Ring
  • Runes: Ruq, Hilvit, Relox, and Satus

The choice of armor is meant to strike the perfect blend between Physical and Radiance damage resistance. PvE aside, Radiance damage tends to be more prevalent in PvP for now so having an armor to good counter.

Ravager Gregory’s Sword and Exacter Scripture are the strongest weapon and Catalyst combo for Strength Radiance. If you are looking for weapon variety, Bloody Glory and Justice are solid alternatives for Radiance build in Lords of the Fallen.

While both weapons fall short of the great scaling in Strength like Gregory’s sword, they compensate in other ways. Bloody Glory sports an innate 300 bleed ailment, while Justice has a 200 smite status built in, so you can mix and match as you, please.

Your choice of Pendants will vary depending on if you’ll be more spell or Sword-oriented. Hysteria Pendant offers a direct spell damage buff, while Hallowed Triptych bolsters your poise damage. Beyond that, the ring choice is meant to make your spell side more sustainable.

Mana regeneration so you can reapply buffs or damaging spells goes a long way. As for runes, much like before, they are straightforward in increasing holy or Physical and Posture damage.

Best Spells for Radiance Build

  • Lacerating Weapon
  • Blessed Reflections
  • Radiant Orb
  • Radiant Flare
  • Invigorating Aura

Lacerating Weapon is an all-around neat buff because of how strong the bleed is. Moreover, if you use Bloody Glory, the spell stacks and greatly improves its Bleed buildup.

Invigorating Aura is just an all-around great utility to have. Healing you and your allies allows for riskier, high-damage tactics as you have a safety margin.

Blessed Reflections summons 2 Pieta copies who provide long-range and close-range DPS support, shredding mobs handily.

Radiant Orb and Radiant Flare are your main damage-dealing spells for entirely different reasons. Radiant Flare is a spammable, low mana cost spell with great range, perfect for picking off trash mobs. It also lets you go for a more turtle approach to finish off tough mobs and bosses.

Your equipment grants decent mana regeneration, which is excellent for overworld exploration and sniping annoying mobs. Radiant Orb, on the other hand, is the true embodiment of radiance, mixing utility, healing, and damage all into one.

You toss a large traveling ball that damages enemies and heals allies caught in its path. You can target it on the ground to create a stationary damage and healing field, outpacing certain healing spells.

With the above choices, the radiance build in Lords of the Fallen largely offers you great utility in the overworld and during tough battles. Crowd control with Radiant Orb to summon a death storm that doubles as a healing oasis for you.

Ranged sniping via Radiant Flare to pick off pesky mobs or finish off bosses. Sustain with Invigorating Aura and massive damage buff via Lacerating Weapon, etc. The whole build makes you a strong all-rounder in all categories to make traversal trivial.

Radiance vs. Inferno Build

When mulling over which of the two schools to invest in truly, ultimately, the choice is up to the player. The game offers an excellent selection for both while making any build viable to beat the game. That said, there are some clear merits to investing in a Radiance build that is apparent in different game stages.

For starters, the spells available to Radiance builds in Lords of the Fallen are far more varied, especially in the game’s early portions. Inferno Spells (and weapons) take a while to get the ball rolling. Beyond that, many enemy types for early to mid-game tend to resist inferno, but it can still go for very high damage despite that.

Perhaps the most significant difference is that Radiance builds can turtle better with healing spells and various creative liberties. However, Inferno also offers some utility-enhancing spells, which can boost resistances and regenerate stamina. Inferno is mainly geared towards pure damage spells with a lower margin for error due to slower healing.

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