How To Farm Plucked Eyeballs In Lords Of The Fallen

Farm the Plucked Eyeballs and donate them or buy items in LOTF.

Plucked Eyeballs are an alternative, special form of currency available in Lords of the Fallen. It offers a plethora of benefits, ranging from rare items and equipment to character utility applications. Unlike Vigor, the standard currency, you get Plucked Eyeball from a specific method. We’ll be going over some ways in which you can farm them more efficiently.

How to get Plucked Eyeballs in LOTF

In Lords of the Fallen, a particular revenge system is put in place to get this unique currency. You may find a glowing red lamp with moths flying around it in various locations. These are ‘Vengeance Lamps,’ and interacting with them opens a moth trail that leads you to a specific enemy mob indigenous to the area.

The key here is that the moths lead you to an enemy that has killed a different player in their world. While they were in the same area that you are now making your way through. Once you kill this marked target, you will receive a prompt that reads ‘Lampbearer Avenged’ and 3x Plucked Eyeballs as a reward in Lords of the Fallen.

Note: Regional differences in Plucked Eyeball rewards have been standardized as of the latest patch. The Australia VPN glitch where you could get 150x Plucked Eyeballs per Vengeance kill is no longer possible; everyone will receive 3x Plucked Eyeballs.

Best place to farm Plucked Eyeballs

Current sources indicate that the Sunless Skein Hoist (Vestige of Catrin) is a prime farming spot. Teleport to this Vestige and go through the door to the left of the Vestige to find the Vengeance Lamp.

If it isn’t there, then rest at the area checkpoint in 3-minute intervals (since that is the time it takes for a vengeance lamp to spawn). This method tends to yield Vengeance Lamps almost all the time. If, for some reason, it’s taking too long, then you can take matters into your own hands and use an Eye of Vengeance to force the Vengeance Lamp to appear in Lords of the Fallen.


You can buy Eye of Vengeance from Molhu for 1,000 vigor in Skyrest Bridge

Once the lamp spawns, touch it, and you will be led to an enemy just down below. It will be an Umbral enemy, so make sure to enter the Umbral Realm and engage in battle.

The enemy itself is usually going to be a Mendacious Visage, which can be moderately annoying. The key is to switch up your tactics based on its shell. If the shell is close, simply circle and attack it from behind. Once the shell is open, soulflaying will stun the enemy and allow you to riposte it in Lords of the Fallen.

After some back and forth, the creature should die, and you will receive your 3x Plucked Eyeballs as a reward. Go back to the Vestige of Catrin and rest for 3 minutes, then repeat the entire process as many times as you need.

How to use Plucked Eyeballs

Now that you have the Plucked Eyeballs in your possession, the next thing is how you use them. There is one specific entity that trades in Plucked Eyeballs, and that would be the Shrine of the Putrid Mother located in Skyrest Bridge, right next to NPC Molhu.

To reach that shrine, teleport to the Vestige of Ethryg and make your way down the hall. Taking the first door to the left will lead to an ascending staircase that leads into an empty room.

Enter the Umbral Realm, and you will find the Shrine of the Putrid Mother just across the room. And with that, you can now exchange your Plucked Eyeballs for some excellent rewards in Lords of the Fallen. Two things in particular make the Shrine of the Putrid Mother especially coveted.

Firstly, the selection of goods. A decent variety of armor tincts, as well as useful consumables and armor pieces such as Eye of Vengeance, Umbral Scourings, and Torso Bones/the bone set, are available.

Secondly, the donation aspect. Rather than buying items with Plucked Eyeballs, if you donate enough of them to the Shrine, it will cause the shrine to level up.

The best part is that there is no limit to the consumables you can buy from the Shrine of the Putrid Mother.

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