How To Defeat Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel In Lords Of The Fallen

Don't let the Judge Cleric fool you. She has an arsenal of holy and inferno spells that will ruin your day in Lords of the Fallen.

Judge Cleric is a Radiant Sentinel, as the name suggests, in Lords of the Fallen. These Sentinels are the sworn protectors of the beacons. Judge Cleric is an enemy who has honed her skills in the Holy and Inferno departments of the game.

Like most boss fights, this one also consists of two phases. She will use Holy magic in the first phase and switch to Inferno magic in the second phase. She will make extensive use of her spells, too.

This guide will walk you through the process of where to find her, how to defeat her, and what rewards will be waiting for you at the end. 

Lords of the Fallen Judge Cleric location

Judge Cleric is present in the Empyrean. She can be encountered shortly after dealing with Abbess Ursula in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. You can find her as you progress through the end of the abbey, in the church, where you must unlock the gate first. Continue to the end, where the fight will occur as you drop from a considerable height above. 

Judge Cleric Boss Fight Phase 1

judge cleric boss fight phase 1 lords of the fallen

Judge Cleric is a pretty tanky boss. We recommend taking the Aura of Tenacity spell for extra protection if your build is not damage absorbent. If you’re rocking a tanky build, we suggest you use the Divine Arms spell as it focuses on offense. 

During the first phase, you must face Holy spells from the boss. Judge Cleric is a dual weapon wielder with a sword and spear selection. This fight will be pretty difficult at any range as the spear lets her leap over long distances easily, and the sword enables her to tackle you at mid and short range.

Judge Cleric will make the most of the Holy powers blessed onto her with the spells she cast. Almost all of these spells will be in the form of AoE attacks. Her favorite spells are two. In the first one, she will call upon a holy arrow rain from the sky, which will fall in a circle.

Quickly pull away from the fight and step outside the circle to survive a high damage-dealing arrow going straight through. Another spell is where she will call upon holy thorns that grow out from the ground or fall from the sky in the form of an arrow first and then transform into thorns. 

The main thing to remember is to constantly keep changing your footing during this fight. Your placement is what will give you the upper hand in this fight. It is a lot more difficult to get a stagger out of her, so we don’t recommend taking any heavy weapons as their speed is quite slow.

Take a medium-weighted weapon that can deal damage quickly and fast. Avoid the AoE spells at all costs, as they will be the main damage dealers in this fight. Her melee attacks are also quite powerful. Stay at a medium range from her, not too far off or close. It will allow you to grab an opening as soon as you see one.  

Judge Cleric Boss Fight Phase 2

judge cleric boss fight phase 2 lords of the fallen

Phase 2 will be a lot more aggressive than the first one. She will transform completely once you successfully beat her in the first phase. Now, instead of holy power, she possesses Inferno magic channeled from Adyr. The spells will be quite powerful in this round, even more so than the melee attacks. 

If you see her collecting fire from the surroundings, make a run for your life, and don’t look back. She will explode with fire, sending out a blazing circle that will go outwards and then travel back inwards. The radius of this circle will be quite large, so you will have to cover considerable ground depending on where you stand. Her fighting style becomes more aggressive as you progress through the fight.

She will start including new attacks once you chip away 50% of her health bar. She will strike the ground where you stand, resulting in an AoE attack. Suppose you see her lifting her spear and sword, looking like she’s about to summon an attack. Immediately dash backward or sideways as soon as you can. She will trigger a two-step attack where balls of lava will jump out from her and then jump out again from the point of first impact. 

There will be ample openings in this phase. Keep dodging sideways to resist the spear attacks, as most of them will have some Inferno spell attached. This phase will also require you to keep relocating, but instead of slower dodges, you must dash out. 

How to cheese Judge Cleric in Lords of the Fallen

To cheese Judge Cleric in Lords of the Fallen, you must have throwables and Ammunition Pouches to instantly replenish your inventory. The best strategy you can opt for is instantly throwing whatever throwable you prefer at the start of the fight.

This can cause greater damage quickly as your stamina bar will be full. Throwing a weapon can require some timing and aim as the enemies can move out of the way swiftly. Equipping a throwable with a status effect can cause the fight to be over soon. 

Judge Cleric is notorious for her fearless dashes towards your character. Keep dodging sideways and backward to gain some ground before you start spamming the throwable. We recommend taking the Banner Javelin of protection as it can provide you with some healing if it is missed. If it connects, it can deal some very decent damage. Another good choice to consider is the Bloody Hatchet with the Bleed debuff on it. 

Lords Of The Fallen Judge Cleric Boss Fight Rewards

The following rewards can be obtained after defeating Judge Cleric: 

  • Vestige Seed 
  • 8x Umbral Scourings 
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