How To Defeat The Hushed Saint In Lords Of The Fallen

When facing the Hushed Saint in Lords of the Fallen, you must make sure not to get caught in the attacks he performs with his Halberd.

Found in the Forsaken Fen, the Hushed Saint is a Colossal Boss in Lords of the Fallen. You will find this boss riding his horse. He uses a large halberd in a wide swinging arc. Due to this, you will find it hard to dodge his unpredictable attacks.

This is a challenging fight, but you can cheese him if you approach him with a good strategy. In this guide, we will be helping you defeat the Hushed Saint in Lords of the Fallen.

Phase # 1: Hushed Saint Boss fight

The first phase of the hushed Saint Boss fight in Lords of the Fallen is perhaps the most difficult of the two. The Hushed Saint will perform three lethal attacks while riding his horse and on foot.

A spear throw, a standard running swipe, and a horse stomp. Below, we have given all of the attacks in the Hunshed Saint’s arsenal during the initial phase.

1) Spear throw

Once you enter the water, the Hushed Saint will perform a spear throw. He will charge his spear by raising it in the air while riding in the same direction you are standing. This is a charged attack, so you will see it coming from afar. You can dodge it by moving sideways.

Do note that the attack causes a small explosion in the water. So, It is recommended that you clear the area immediately.


2) Standard running swipe

During this attack, the boss rides his horse and attempts to strike you as he charges you. If you come in contact with this attack, you will take tremendous amounts of damage. The best way to dodge this attack is by moving to your right at the last moment. This way, you will prevent the boss from swiping you away.

3) Horse stomp

The third attack in the boss’s arsenal is the Horse stomp. During this attack, the Hushed Saint will rush his horse towards you while stopping mid-way.

As the horse raises upwards, it will charge an attack before stomping its feet to the ground. This will result in an explosion, and thorns will emerge from it. You can easily dodge this attack by heading forward through it.

During the first phase, the Hushed Saint in Lords of the Fallen will jump off his horse after attacking you with his spear. He will then continue to attack you on foot. His arsenal consists of four consecutive wide swipe attacks, a piercing attack, and a lunging attack.

Knowing the Lords of the Fallen hushed saint weakness will make your job easy. Dodge and move at his back when he is performing either of his attacks and start attacking him with a long-winded swipe. This attack will easily shave off at least 40% of his health.

Phase # 2: Hushed Saint Boss fight

During the second phase against the Hushed Saint in Lords of the Fallen, you will fight the boss mainly on foot. The Saint will add a few more attacks to his arsenal during this phase. These attacks include a slamming spear attack, swinging combos, and the shield stab.

Below, we have given all of the attacks the boss performs during the second phase of the Hushed Saint Boss fight in Lords of the Fallen with strategies to counter them.

1) Slamming spear attack

During this attack, the hushed saint will start digging into the ground, then jump before you, slamming his spear. This will cause a wide-area attack. He also jumps behind you to perform the attack.

This attack variation is more surprising as it is uncertain when he would burst out of the ground. The best way to dodge this variation of attacks is to wait for the boss to burst out closer and then decide to move aside at the last moment.

2) Swinging combos

During this phase, the swinging combo is accompanied by a shield slam that causes an area explosion. This can be tricky to dodge as it is unclear where the shield slam explosion will occur. The best strategy here is to run away when he’s beginning his swinging combo.

3) Shield Stab

Another new addition to the Hushed Saint’s arsenal is the Shield Stab. During this attack, the boss summons sharp ice edges on his shield before slashing you with them. He will perform this attack twice without any warning. So, be careful when you see the ice start to form.

The best strategy to deal damage to the boss is by moving his back. You can then ambush him with charged heavy attacks. Although he will retaliate with his attack, they will have a large wind-up from your position, giving you enough time to dodge.

Where to go after the Hushed Saint

After defeating the Hushed Saint in Lords of the Fallen, you must head to the Umbral realm. Here, you will soulflay the Stigma. Once done, interact with the Umbral memory and get rewarded with the Remembrance of the Hushed Saint and 2x Umbral Souring.

You can now go across the tree with the red beacon and find the exit to the area.

The Hushed Saint boss fight rewards

After you have defeated the Hushed Saint in Lords of the Fallen, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 1x Vestige Seed
  • 8x Umbral Scouring

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